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The comeback of the Pro Leather in Converse All Star Pack

Three shoes, one story

The comeback of the Pro Leather in Converse All Star Pack Three shoes, one story

When they were released in 1976, the Converse Pro Leather were the lightest and strongest basketball shoes on the market. These sneakers had, over the years, a very strong cultural resonance also thanks to the player Julius Erving who wore them when, thanks to his "Baseline Move" at the 1980 NBA finals, he scored an impossible shot marking a historic moment in the history of basketball. This November 22 the Pro Leather, together with the Chuck 70 and the All Star Pro BB, will have a new release within the Converse All Star Pack.

The Pro Leather represented a decisive evolution in the production of Converse. It was in fact the first leather shoe to have the Star Chevron logo, which would have defined Converse Basketball for twenty years to come, and which will now accompany the great return of the sneaker. In the world of basketball this sneaker was much more than a shoe that allowed better technical performances: it was a symbol of style, associated with great players, like “Dr. J "Erving, and great moments in the history of the NBA.

The new Converse Pro Leather, presented for the first time in the "Art of a Champion" collection by Nike, Inc., which will arrive in the All Star Pack is not a simple reissue, but a stitch-by-stitch reproduction of a silhouette drawn in 1977 coming from the brand's archives. However, updates have been applied for a technical yield up to today's standards. The sneaker is therefore a perfect continuation of the original model but with contemporary style and fit.

The Pack includes the Pro Leather in the classic red and white colorway, the All Star Pro BB, the latest model of Converse basketball shoe inspired by the classic leather sneaker, and finally a classic Chuck 70. These three shoes together represent the biggest and better classics created by Converse and their grouping in a single pack is intended as a tribute to the cultural heritage of the brand in the history of the discipline.

The Converse All Star Pack will be available starting November 7th on the official Converse website and exclusively on SlamJam.