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The world's 100 most valuable brands

The first Italian company is Gucci, but there is also Ferrari and Prada

The world's 100 most valuable brands The first Italian company is Gucci, but there is also Ferrari and Prada

Apple, Google and Amazon are the three most influential companies on the planet. Best Global Brands' list of 2019 just published by Interbrand has revealed it. Over the past year, the three giants have reached a value of 234 (+9% on 2018), 167 (+8%) and 125 billion dollars (+24%) respectively, confirming the technology sector as the most profitable. 
According to the U.S. consulting firm, however, luxury brands have seen the greatest growth. Manfredi Ricca, Global Chief Strategy Officer, said: 

"A particularly interesting area to explore is that of luxury. In the last 20 years, we have analyzed, measured and traced how a luxury brand occupies the hearts and minds of consumers. Traditional brands are facing an epoch-making shift from deeply exclusive luxury to more dynamically inclusive luxury. Open-mindedness, transparency, co-creation and collaboration have proven to be drivers of change across the industry, leading to successful business models ranging from high fashion to streetwear and sneaker culture to gaming. Also this year luxury has proved to be the fastest-growing sector and brands have performed almost all excellent results, Gucci, for example, has grown by 23%, Dior by 16%, Chanel by 11%."

Analyzing for each brand the financial performance of products or services, the ability to influence purchases, its competitive strength and loyalty, it emerged that Gucci with its 16 billion dollars is the best performer in the industry.

The first fashion brand in the ranking is Nike which is in sixteenth place with a value of 32.3 billion dollars, followed by Louis Vuitton (17th position) at 32.22 billion dollars, Chanel (22nd position) that overcomes 20 billion dollars and Hermès (28th position) that nearly 18 billion. It is interesting that all of them, as well as adidas, Dior, Burberry, have increased in value, while Zara (29th position) and H&M (30th position) are both down. This is another example of the current crisis of fast fashion giants. 

Even the negative months of Facebook have influenced its performance. Problems with the Antitrust authorities and scandals such as the sale of data to Cambridge Analytica have left the company led by Mark Zuckerberg out of the Top 10, in the 14th place, with a value of just under 40 billion, down 12% from 2018.