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Who are the celebs dictating the trends when it comes to swimwear

The Lyst research features Jude Law, Cristiano Ronaldo and...Luigi Di Maio

Who are the celebs dictating the trends when it comes to swimwear The Lyst research features Jude Law, Cristiano Ronaldo and...Luigi Di Maio

That moment has finally come for millions of men all over Italy. The men of the Country must now face a doubt that's been afflicting them for generations: brief or boxers? The dilemma of a lifetime proposes now in summer version with the arrival of the hot season when the swimsuit becomes the essential item to face the long afternoons on the beach between sunbeds and beach tennis. 

When it comes to buying a swimsuit, men take into consideration many different elements, as revealed by the latest Lyst research, the leading search engine in the fashion industry. Lyst tracked the behaviour of more than 5 million users per month on 12k e-commerce and flagship websites, analyzing more than 70k global online researches made in the swimsuit category over the last few months. If the most researched items are the briefs and the trunks, the most purchased are the boxer swimsuits. The quality remains an important feature of the item, on which Italian men spend an average of €82,56, favouring models in blue, black, red, printed, volt or white. 

Maybe unexpectedly, when looking for the perfect swimsuit, men do pay attention to what celebs and sportsmen wear on the beach or in the pics posted on their Instagram pages. 

When last April the images from the set of the second season of The Young Pope featuring a statuary Jude Law wearing a white speedo leaked, the Internet lost it. Since the moment the images were published, the online researches for white trunks increased by 180% all over the world, and especially in Australia and the United Kingdom. 

A few weeks ago Cristiano Ronaldo published a post on his IG profile wearing a black D&G swimsuit, a picture liked 9 million times and collecting more than 65k comments. The post generated also a peak in the research for Dolce&Gabbana black swimsuits by 40%. 

In Italy, on the other hand, influencing the trends and the research when it comes to swimsuits is a heterogeneous group of public figures. Of course, Fedez could not be missing, who, during his holiday in French Polynesia, sported a Prada swimsuit decorated by the iconic flame print of the Italian fashion house. The result was a rise of 20% in the next few hours for the swimsuits designed by Miuccia. 

Francesco Totti, a veteran of paparazzi shots on the beach in perfect footballer style, at the beginning of June posted a picture on his IG profile wearing a volt speedo. And immediately the researches for volt swimsuits increase by 12%. 

The name that we would never expect to read in this list was the one of Luigi Di Maio, who a few weeks ago was photographed on holiday wearing a blue Arena swimsuit, that generated a small but nonetheless relevant growth in the research of the bathing suits of the Italian brand. 

Completing the list we find Ignazio Moser, one of the protagonists of Italian gossip, who sported a timeless item like the striped swimsuit in white and blue.