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The launch event of the new Holypopstore merch

Hosted by Touch The Wood

The launch event of the new Holypopstore merch Hosted by Touch The Wood

Thanks to a unique and exclusive selection, Holypopstore has become one of the most influential stores in the Roman and Italian sneaker world. 

Now the shop located in Via del Vantaggio in Rome is ready to present its new merch, entitled Holy Race. The inspiration comes from the '90s, in particular from the racing and car worlds. For the occasion, Holypopstore has in fact customized three bright coloured scooters ((Zip, Booster, F10) with tailor-made graphics and stickers. The collection includes a series of T-shirts, long sleeves and hoodies with graphics and prints always referring to the racing world, available in white, black and neon yellow. 

Moreover, Holypopstore is developing a unique app, always inspired by the racing world theme - where it will be possible to customize three different scooter models, changing their wheels, colours of the parts and applying stickers, all in an interface inspired by Windows 98 Paint. 

To celebrate the release of the new merch, Holypopstore has prepared an exclusive event, set for this Friday, June 14, of course in store. The racing world comes to life for a special night with free drinks and the DJ set by Marco G. & Mr.Kite from Touch The Wood. Special guest star: Fuera. The party will continue from 9 pm at the Hotel Butterfly always with Touch The Wood. You can't miss it. 

HOLY RACE Exclusive Launch
Friday, June 14 
h 18.00 - 21.00 
Via del Vantaggio, 46 Rome