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Diesel and NTS return with a mega-party open to all in Rome

Tickets are already available on Dice

Diesel and NTS return with a mega-party open to all in Rome Tickets are already available on Dice

Diesel today announced the new phase of TRACKS, the collaboration between the brand and NTS that produces monthly mixes and a series of playlists celebrating the global underground rave scene. The first event was a rave held in London last November that lasted a full 17 hours - which will now be followed by a new stage, in Rome next May 19. TRACKS is a project that unites progressive talents from around the world to promote the universal language of celebration, personal expression and diversity. The collaboration is not only limited to music, but also panel talks and parties around the world. To bring the fun to the digital world as well, at the end of the month, Diesel and NTS will present an exclusive mix by Milan-based DJ PIT (Club Adriatico), who will also co-curate the party. And that's not all: there will be more mixes from artists such as Kitty from Seoul, Lush Lata from New Dehli, Ryong from Copenhagen, and CRRDR from Bogota. Each of them will create a half-hour set available for streaming on and Spotify. These mixes are born with a desire to map the global counterculture and to explore the local rave scenes that are part of the Diesel world.

Returning to the rave to be held in Rome on May 19, the TRACKS NTS x Diesel party will be free and open to all, co-curated by Italian collectives NERO Editions, Club Adriatico and SLIPMODE. There will be local and international artists performing, including Lorenzo Senni, Evissimax, Pandora's Jukebox, Qursarina and John Glacier, to name a few. For Glenn Martens, Diesel's creative director, the energy and community of rave culture are key elements of the creative process. Diesel believes in the freedom to party as a democratic value. For the brand, clubbing is meant to be a way of life, play and experimentation to be shared with its community around the world. The international party program is meant to be a global manifesto for a life full of passion, especially for a generation that wants to fully enjoy its freedoms after the lockdown. 

Tickets for the free TRACKS NTS x Diesel party are already available at DICE.