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Discovering SaruGeneral hype business

A talk with the team behind the UK based website

Discovering SaruGeneral hype business A talk with the team behind the UK based website

In the jungle of drops and releases, it almost seems like there is no time to enjoy the newly purchased items because something new is ready to capture our attention and become the new object of desire. It often happens, however, that if you look at the past, you feel a certain sense of regret for some items you didn't cop and for some "L's". How many times have you said to yourself "that Supreme pant of SS 15 was a bomb why I haven't cop them?", And after this thought you did a wild search on all the Facebook groups, on Grailed, etc … .

Well if this is a shared sentiment we have another solution: SaruGeneral. The UK based website offering a vast 100% authentic selection of Bape - A Bathing Ape - and Supreme garments. We decided to find out more having a little talk with the team behind SaruGeneral.


#1 What do we need to know about SaruGeneral? How was it born and who is behind the project? 

Just a small team all passionate about streetwear as a whole, from the history to the hype. There's no motive behind it, just a group of guys working on a passion together, stumbling our way through. We’re constantly coming up with ideas, keeping up to date with the latest stuff, whilst making sure the history stems through. Ah yeah, we’re actually in the process of bringing it out to the high street.


#2 In the UK as well as in Europe there's no website or retailer that can boast A Bathing Ape collection as rich as yours. How many pieces does the collection include and how do you manage to get get some of the most exclusive and sought-after pieces? 

Thanks! It has taken a long time to get to this stage. The collection is in the thousands, but constantly changing, getting it out to the people, and bringing new stuff in. Lots of big expensive boxes. Haha do you want my pin number too? All jokes aside, we’re sourcing it from everywhere, it's all about the plug. To get the Kanye’s College Dropout Bapestas and 90’s Box Logos, it takes some serious graft, there's a lot of competition out there. I’ve definitely gone through enough fakes before getting the real deal.


#3 Most of the items sold on your website date back to times when the streetwear market was not so overcrowded. Do you get a lot of attention from the younger audience for grails of the past years or are they more oriented to recent years hyped items?

We’re only young too, so we can relate to the community well, don’t doubt us young ones. We know the value of history and historic items.


#4 What was the most incredible item you got your hands on? And what is the impossible grail you are still looking for?

We haven’t yet found an item we can’t get. We get messages all the time asking for grails, but we can’t spend all our time finding items for just one or two rich buyers, we want everyone to be able to cop these grails. There isn’t many BAPE F+Fs (Compared to Supreme at least) but if there out there, we can get them.


#5 How much has Nigo influenced street culture and what was its fundamental contribution to this world? 

Massively, Nigo is the King. He has influenced everyone who is big now: Virgil, Pharrell, Kanye, they would be nothing without Nigo.
Nigo was the first person to make it a lifestyle brand. Nigo had the whole of Japan going absolutely nuts, he can make anything and people will buy it (and they should).


#6 Taking a look back to the old days, what has changed compared to the years when the Bapesta were much more hype than any Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton sneaker of now? Should we expect a return of the Bapesta and the 2000s style? 

The Bapesta isn’t coming back into the mainstream, but it’s a piece of history, there will always be people wearing them. It’s more than just a classic.