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The review of the Hermès FW19 collection

The triumph of classicism, luxury and timeless elegance

The review of the Hermès FW19 collection The triumph of classicism, luxury and timeless elegance

Yesterday, at the Garde Nationale à Paris, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski presented the FW19 collection of the brand that more than any other can still describe an exquisitely French taste, conservative, that escapes the passing of time and trends. We are talking about Hermès and the fashion show that closed the sixth day of Paris Fashion Week.

After a countdown, in a room with perforated wooden walls and golden reflections, The Stars (Are Out Tonight) by David Bowie opened the show of the house founded by Thierry Hermès in 1837. 55 looks, the models on the catwalk are ideally stars of a galaxy, a theme that returns in prints and atmospheres. Vanhee-Cybulski does not exceed the proportions between clothes and accessories, rather focusing on an incredible quality of craftsmanship, which treats leathers as fabrics, in what is a very personal and intimate collection. The long-sleeved shirt in silk, in fact, has a print that, as the designer explains, "is the first writing I saw on Hermès clothes, my mother's scarf".

The skin dominate the item, for shorts, skirts, and boots, but also blouses from the rhythmic plissage, camel coats with double lining rigorously in the iconic orange color (Pantone 1448). The carrè, historical symbol of the fashion house, is transformed into a dress or a shirt, combined with a leather skirt. Huge variety of outerwear and details, such as the pyramid-shaped buttons, and handbags, which once again set themselves as flagship items and a major reason for interest, even for the mythical aura that accompanies the historic Birkin and Kelly.

The FW19 collection confirms all those codes created in 182 years of history and does not give up the equestrian identity, with the dressage body, but also cockades and decors, which mark the garments. The quality that pays, as evidenced by the 6 billion euros earned in 2018, thanks to the success of the specialized division in leather goods.

Hermès seems to live above the whims of fashion, one of the last bastions of a fashion that points to the classic and well-made product. A still unique way of aiming at infinity, at the ideal and not at the comprehensible.



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