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Moncler restores Milan's historic Raccordati Warehouses

In connection with the upcoming Moncler Genius event

Moncler restores Milan's historic Raccordati Warehouses In connection with the upcoming Moncler Genius event

nss could recently lift the veil on the next Moncler event that is taking place in, or more accurately, under Milan during the coming Fashion Week. Presented as “One House, Different Voices” the showcase is a presentation of the next chapter in their innovative Moncler Genius Project, which sees the very exciting additions of, 1017 ALYX 9SM's, Matthew Williams and Richard Quinn added to the line of designers creating a unique capsule for the French/Italian luxury sports brand. Returning to its location, the event is taking place in the rather spectacular location of the Raccordati Warehouses and tunnel systems adjacent and underneath the Milan central railway station. No small feet, which in order to bring the ambitious project to life, Moncler’s CEO, Remo Ruffini together with the county of Milan, redevelopment the over 40 thousand square meters of Raccordati Warehouses spaces, which holds a rich historical and cultural value in an area that in the past played a key role in urban development of Milan.

The restoration will breathe a new life into the area, which will take its first steps with the Moncler event on February 20th. The initiative was recently inaugurated in the Sala dell'Orologio of Palazzo Marino, with the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala present, together with Ruffini, joined by the Councillor of Fashion and Design, Cristina Tajani and the president of the Italian National Chamber of Fashion, Carlo Capasa, with the CEO of Grandi Stazioni Retail, Alberto Baldan. 

“Milan demonstrates once again that it is increasingly inclusive and open to projects that involve the public, I am very proud that Moncler participates in the redevelopment of an urban area of Milan so significant and to bring it back to life, because I believe that the development of a company can only happen in harmony and with full respect for the community”.

Remo Ruffini, Moncler CEO

The special Moncler event taking place on February 20th during Fashion Week is by invitation only, but the public will have the chance to experience it as well on February 24th, when you can attend by registering over on the Moncler site here.