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nss Milan Men's Fashion Week FW19 Awards

And the Oscar goes to...

nss Milan Men's Fashion Week FW19 Awards And the Oscar goes to...

The Milan Mens' Fashion Week closes its doors, 4 days of fashion shows, presentations and events that, among revelations and expectations that were not completely satisfied, revealing to us the trends and the must-haves of the FW19 season.

The apparent put aside of the men's shows seemed to confirmed by an increasingly widespread use of mixing the Men & Women's collections, and so a Gigi Hadid in blue dress catches the attention of the public at Prada, and the sexy Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski do the same at Versace. The men who paraded in Milan revealed himself in his reserved and silent being, few doodles, few excesses, but above all suits coordinated in autumn palettes. Minimal in appearance and daywear, suggest SUNNEI and Prada, but mysterious and rebelious at night, as revealed by Donatella Versace and DSQUARED2.

And the winners are...


Best Show: Prada

Prada, this season, did not win easy. It dared and mixed, made us reflect on how it was actually appropriate to match its lace-up shoes with a rubber sole to the little black dress, and has convinced us that also this time Miuccia cannot go wrong. The elegance of the man Prada hides a mystery, with his unfailing total black attracts, but with accessories hypnotizes. Waist belts, mini bags, and heart brooches. A young romantic Frankenstein.



Best Supporting Actor: Fendi

Fendi this season did not exaggerate, but confines itself to confirming how much the man sometimes needs only a beautiful beige shirt, a long overcoat and a maxi bag to be impeccable. Traveler and vagabond, does not dare with the colors but plays with fabrics, from nylon to python, wrapped in fur and, of course, Fendi logos.


Best Revelation: SUNNEI

The brand of Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo is confirmed as one of the most interesting and convincing proposals of this Milan Fashion Week. Visionary designer of minimal and silent fashion, the Italian brand focuses on over sizes and striped garments, retro sunglasses and that sophisticated normcore that is able to convince everyone that each of us can wear SUNNEI.


Best sneaker: Versace 

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Versace FW19

Un post condiviso da Salehe Bembury (@salehebembury) in data:

After the success of Chain Reaction Versace decided to confirm its love for the chunky sneakers and present a new silhouette during the Milan fashion show. Salehe Bembury, Senior Director of Sneakers and Men's Footwear of the brand, gives us a focus of the shoe on Instagram, cumbersome but above all worked mainly on the sole. The plus detail is instead behind: the signature in italic Versace.


Best location: Danilo Paura

Danilo Paura chooses the Teatro Gerolamo for his first Milanese fashion show. An art and show location, able to fully reflect the brand's character. On stage, a musical band does a live performance, while the models reach them one by one from the audience.


Best Special Effects: Numero 00 

During the show some dancers capture the attention of the public and, in total look Numero 00 x Lotto, start to dance on the catwalk doing a very impressive break performance.


Best First Row: Netflix Fam @ Fendi 

Noah Schnapp, Kiernam Shipka and Rob Raco were in the front row from Fendi last Monday. A real Netflix gang directly from Stranger Things, Sabrina and Riverdale.