Emanuel Ricci knows what he wants, and he's not afraid to get it. 
The Italian designer living in Belgium gave life first to the brand MAISON RICCI, and then to the clothing line MUSO KUSO. His graphic, streetwear-inspired and impactful creations have conquered the rap scene as well. Young Thug was the first to wear his designs, followed by Playboi Carti and 6ix9ine. It's especially from music that Ricci draws inspiration, and the mix of fashion and music has always played a prominent role in his aesthethic. 

The hottest designer of the moment spoke to nss about his beginnings, his relationship with the rap scene and his future projects, before catching him at the upcoming White Street Market.

Meet Emanuel Ricci, the designer dressing the biggest names in the rap game His brand MUSO KUSO has conquered everyone, from Young Thug to Post Malone | Image 0


#1 Can you tell us how you became passionate about fashion and when did you decide to create your own clothing line, MUSO KUSO?

It started all in London about 6 years, I was 19 years old working in a 3D company. I finished my secondary school in Ireland at only 16 years old. When I first got to London, which is a city that pushes your creativity probably because of its artist niche, I was for the first time in rooms full of music artists, designers, painters. At the same time my cousin had a printing shop near Soho, so I was starting to print some of my designs on T-shirts and sweatshirts. From printing I started to sew my first pieces, while I was still doing some custom work. Sewing pockets on apparels or printing my pattern on materials and then stitching on garments. Life brought me to move to Belgium, where I used to live with my family during my childhood. In Belgium the music and fashion scene were at an early stage, I felt like the city was empty or had no colors. That's when I had the idea to launch my first brand concept MAISON RICCI.

#2 What inspires you in your creative process?

Music plays a big role in my creation process, the music I listen to inspires the clothes I create. Music is one of the reasons why I’m still pursuing my dream. Once I launched my first collection, a lot of artists asked me to make clothes for them. Mixing both ever since, my Instagram bio has been 'Conquer and accomplish, La musica e la moda' since 2014. My second brand MUSO KUSO was born from the mixture of these two elements. Mixing different cultural identities is an important part of my creative process, the fact that I speak several languages and that I've lived in different countries has influenced my creations since my first brand.

#3 Do you have any role models, whether they’re designers or creatives.

I admire designers or artists that have changed the course of fashion or influenced it. I am a fan of Valentino, I love how he changed the fashion world, especially thanks to his taste and his design above all for women's dresses. I look up to him. Kanye West is a true role model for me because he pushes the generations after him and he invests in the youth both music and fashion-wise. It's thanks to people like Kanye or Rocky that our culture has taken over the fashion world. Yoni who owns M+RC is a good friend of mine and is a daily inspiration for me. He handles his brand independently, from the production to the sales, he does it all.

#4 Have your Italian roots had a big impact on your taste and your aesthetic? Are you planning to come to Italy for any future project?

Yes, my roots have a major impact on my aesthetics. The fact that I’m multicultural is an advantage in many ways. In Europe people look up to me because I’m associated with the american rap scene. In the USA people accept me and embrace my brand because I bring something that is new and foreign and that has a strong identity. I will be attending White Street Market in Milan for a talk on the influence of hip-hop in the fashion scene. I have more plans for Italy in 2019.


#5 One of the first rappers to wear your clothes was Young Thug. How did you guys meet?

I met him in the most random way. It was like I was destined to meet him. The first time he came to Europe was in Belgium. His first show in Europe was in my city. I got his number off a Snapchat story, someone took a screenshot of his number and posted it on their story. I wrote down the number on a piece of paper and facetimed him. An hour later I was with him in his hotel in Brussels.

#6 From Playboi Carti to 6ix9ine, there are so many celebs who wear your items. Who would you like to see wearing your clothes?

My aim is to work with and dress the most influential artists of our time and at the same time I want to dress the entire world. My dream is to step outside and literally see people of all ages, genders and nationalities wearing my clothes, embracing my brand’s vision.