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Interview with Gully Guy Leo

The British influencer tells us about himself and that in his future there is not only Instagram

Interview with Gully Guy Leo  The British influencer tells us about himself and that in his future there is not only Instagram

Last Friday we went to DMCkal pop-up store in Milan, where we met Gully Guy Leo for a brief chat. DMCkal has latetly been growing into one of the most interesting underground streetwear brands thanks to its iconic dancing butterfly logo, attracting the likes of international names such as Bloody Osiris, Luka Sabbat and Asap TyY. 

#1 Last time we saw you in Milan was in June during fashion week. Was it actually your first time in Milan? How was the vibe? Did you dig it?

Yeah it was. I loved it. My friends were staying at this very nice hotel and I used the room service and the SPA. It was fire.

Did you come across any good spots for your fit pics whilst in Milan?

Not really. There weren’t many good spots to be fair. I was looking for some spots and it wasn’t actually that good. It’s kinda dry. Everything looked the same, unfortunately. Sorry for letting you know.

So London’s better for fit pics?

Yeah, exactly. 

But how come? Is it a matter for you of colour composition, right? You always have an outstanding colour in the pics.

I like when it’s like a little bit matching, but not completely, just so that the outfit pops out, you feel me?

So that’s the trick behind fit pics?

Yeah exactly

#2 We noticed that you started djing pretty often lately, was music always a thing for you? 

My family has always been into music, my brother has always been good at it. I got the rhythm from my family, you feel me? So, when I was going into djing and stuff, it was really simple to get the timing and stuff right which is something that people normally struggle with and then I kept on learning and now I enjoy it. I dunno, I just like performing for people.

Can you actually sync the tracks getting the BPMs right?

Oh yes!

So can you see yourself as a DJ in the future?

Definitely. That’s what I want to be.

And what’s your DJ name?

Gully Guy, of course!

#3 How do you manage to run a fashion brand, take your exams, DJ, and still, doing Gully always on point?

Mmh, I don’t know!

For a month now you’ll be travelling, how can you keep up with all the exams and school commitments?

Well, the exams period is now over and before I put all this fashion thing on the side in order to stay focused on exams, but now the exams are over. And I can spend time on fashion instead. It’s not as hard as you think to be honest. I thought it was gonna be harder, but it’s actually pretty easy.

Are your teacher pretty tolerant then?

Yeah exactly.

And are you clever enough to catch up with everything you missed out on?



#4 What's your advice for other youngsters who'd like to follow a path similar to yours?  

I’d say be yourself, people will judge you and shit, but you just have to kinda ignore it. You feel me? And just pretend it’s cool.

Haters do help in your growth, right?

Exactly. If you learn how to deal with hate you gonna do good, you feel me?

#5 What’s your fave piece out of this collection of DMCKAL?

It’s fire. My fave piece out of this whole collection are these trousers I have on.