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5 style lessons from "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"

Take out your chokers and minidresses

5 style lessons from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Take out your chokers and minidresses

Reboot, revival and spin-off.

Last Friday premiered the new Netflix show Chillig Adventures of Sabrina, a renovated and almost horror version of the 90's classic Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

We, of course, look at the original series, the one that debuted in 1996, with protagonist the 16-year-old Sabrina, who finds out she's a witch, and is then educated by the two witch aunts Hilda and Zelda. Even though we all know that the real protagonist was Salem, the talking cat who had a cynical and sharp wit. 
Sabrina is the perfect representation of that end of 90's-beginnings of 00's style, always somewhere between classy and good taste outfits, and more questionable and cheap looks. Looking back at the series now, though, Sabrina taught us some really good lessons when it comes to fashion. Take notes. 



#1 Turtleneck

A timeless and essential item (remember The Nanny?). To be worn underneath minidresses, alone, in bright colors, with bold prints or with strategic transparencies.  

#2 Choker

The accessory symbol of the 90's, that thin necklace tight around the neck, which came back in great style a few years ago. Sabrina would wear it before anyone else. 

#3 Velvet

A fabric only apparently elegant, actually designed to be sported also in the hallways of the school or for an afternoon with the girlfriends. 

#4 Crop Top and Jeans

The most simple outfit ever invented. And if even the guest star Britney Spears wears it, the consecration is definitive. 




#5 Minidress and Miniskirt

The lenghts are always mini, never below the knee, whether they're minidresses or tartan skirts.