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5 "odd" trends from Seoul that are hype

Ready to discover the new ones directly from the Seoul Fashion Week FW19

5 odd trends from Seoul that are hype Ready to discover the new ones directly from the Seoul Fashion Week FW19

From March 19 to 24, focus on South Korea: a new edition of Seoul Fashion Week has begun. Indeed, these days will be revealed the trends of the upcoming FW19, ready to break through our hearts just like have done in the past few years items now considered hype in all respects.

So, what are the garments who have conquered the streetwear world from Seoul? We'll list them to you by offering you some shots of the old Seoul Fashion Week editions.


#1 Mask 

Total white classic or customized (do you remember the Air Jordan 1 LV Camo Sneaker mask?), the mask is one of the must-have of Seoul Fashion Week that, from a necessary object to protect the face from the excessive smog of the city, has become the perfect accessory for a top-quality street style.


#2 Scarf

No ultras, no games and not even a screaming stadium. The sporty scarf in Seoul is chic and trendy, resting behind the nape and are not twisted or wrapped around the neck. They are the colored accessory that contrasts with the over and minimal coat, that detail that even in its ability to seem not very apt it is perfect and impeccable.


#3 Utility Vest 

We talked about it many times (and if you do not have it yet, here's how to buy it), we're in love with it and the latest fashion week makes us realize how, for now, it's still a pointless way of getting it.


#4 Mix 

The oriental style presents as characteristic the combination of colors, motifs, materials and apparently random lengths. The nails in rock leather meet the colored mini bags, the fancy socks are put on display and combined with an already sober Balenciaga Triple S. But these combos can only be made if you are Chinese/Japanese or it is a real trend ?


#5 Costum 

From the fake to the costum, that is the personalization of clothes and shoes in the strangest and most absurd way possible. The Koreans are the best creator of more unique objects than rare and the photos speak for themselves.