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Prada's Nylon Farm

Step inside Prada's technological world

Prada's Nylon Farm  Step inside Prada's technological world

A new Prada series? More or less. The brand is releasing a series of videos in the next few weeks, set at the Nylon Farm, the productive headquarter of Prada's favorite material. 

As in a perfect crime show, there's a mysterious event to investigate. The avant-gardist and the technological building is the barn for special artificial sheep, which will produce the magic nylon. The detective, a model wearing a black nylon trench, arrives at the farm ready to do some investigations, equipped with a Prada recording device, like an old-school detective. But what has really happened? 

Before you find out, there's something else you can watch. Prada published another video which recounts the real nylon production, with accurate crafting production and new techniques. The Nylon Farm is a real building located in Valvigna, a town in Tuscany and it's where nylon is really made. This well-finished "garden-factory" was designed by Guido Canali in a perfect balance between nature and architecture


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