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Canon creates the new influencer's camera

“give justice to your stories”

Canon creates the new influencer's camera “give justice to your stories”

Sometimes when you spend a lot of time on the web you need the right tools to interact with this new dimension. Millennials and even younger generations spend a lot of their time on social media and our smartphone is the hardware that connects our life with this second parallel world, but sometimes it isn’t enough! Instagram for a lot of people is more than an app, and the main characteristic of this platform that changed the world is that its based on content, original, organic photos and video contents.


Canon saw the necessity for a new generation to create ever more high-quality original content for their social media channels as an opportunity. The Japanese company decide to create a camera that “gives justice to your stories”: the Canon EOS M50. This new compact and super connected camera is completely social media oriented. Portable, easy to use, and with a price in line with the market allows also the most aggressive influencer to have good quality pictures on their IG profile in five seconds, or to make the perfect IG story at the club, to then go back inside their Gucci bag. The M50 is a lightweight mirrorless camera with touch screen that offers 24 megapixel (the double of the iPhone X) and, the possibility to make 4K 24p UHD video and send them directly to your phone.

The ability to understand the needs of the market and attract them with a campaign using Lil Uzi Vert and his gang is the correct way to present a new product that offers the right features for a new generation.

Check the pictures and have a look at this millennials ready new camera from Canon.