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The Prada Foundations movie theater is opening!

Four nights with four different themes to spread the culture through the cinema

The Prada Foundations movie theater is opening! Four nights with four different themes to spread the culture through the cinema

Prada Foundation celebrates one of the most popular visive arts, cinema, opening a movie theater inside its amazing location. Starting from May 3rd inside the building of zone 5 in Milan its possible to watch an amazing movie program trying to enhance the variety and the quality. Classics, experimental movies, premiere, blockbusters, avantgarde movies, tv productions, rare movies and restored editions are only a few of the categories selected for the foundation dedicated to Minuccia. This place was able to spread the culture in all its shapes, experimentations and expressions.

From Thursday to Sunday, everyday a different catagory is scheduled, and the four catagories give a wide range of possibilities for future collateral projects with only one protagonist in focus: cinema.

We can’t wait to watch a movie in this special place and now let’s go through the four sections:

Thursday-RASSEGNE: This catagory aims to represent, using movies, the special expositions present at the foundation. The first one is related to the Germano Celant’s exhibition “Post Zang Tumb Tuuum. Art Life Politics: Italia 1918–1943′′ that expose the Italian culture between the two World Wars. RASSEGNE will start with the silent movie Addio giovinezza (Italia, 1918) by Augusto Genina with the accompaniment of Valeria Delmastro’s harp, offering an unique experience (free event until capacity is reached).

Friday-SOGGETTIVA: different personalities are invited to share the movies that have mostly influenced their cultural background. The first to present his selection is Damien Hirst and a few of the titles selected are Jason and the Argonauts by Don Chaffey, Willy Wonka & the chocolate fabric by Mel Stuart, The Exorcist - Director's Cut by William Friedkin and Eraserhead by David Lynch.

Saturday-INDAGINE: the catagory is dedicated to unreleased movies and premieres. From May the movies selected are Isle of Dogs, the lastest work from Wes Anderson, and A Beautiful Day by Lynne Ramsay.

Sunday-ORIGINE: classics and movies from the past restored for their historic relevance and their ability to be continously modern. May 6th will inaugurate this section with a new restored version of Ultimo tango a Parigi (1972) by Bernardo Bertolucci. The movie will be out in Italy May 21st, but will be presented at the Prada Foundation’s cinema with the presence of the director Bertolucci.