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Interview with Cam Kirk

AW LAB chooses the photographer of Hip-Hop for its new collection Selected By

Interview with Cam Kirk AW LAB chooses the photographer of Hip-Hop for its new collection Selected By

Selected By is the new project of AW LAB that involved the singer Stash from The Kolors, the blogger Jessica Goicoechea and the actress Patricie Solarikova. The three talents worked an hyped sneakers selection in exclusive colorways.

Following an hippy and big festivals vibe the women selections are the adidas Superstar and Stan Smith, the Diadora Camaro, the Puma Heart and Platform and the Superga 2750 in bright colors, perfect for the summer, and to be matched with the capsule collection of basket Tank Tops and with the 90’s style crop tops. The selection for man follow the same vibe featuring the indigo and washed denim details of the adidas Superstar and Stan Smith, Reebok Club C, Diadora Game Low and B. Elite.

Who others could AW Lab select to perfectly express the ideas behind this project, if not the American photographer Cam Kirk? With his experience in street photography was able to transfer the emotions and the mood of the AW LAB and the three talents collection.

Here some curiosities about the Hip-Hop photographer, Cam Kirk.


#1 Your passion is to narrate the images through the photography and the video making. Which are the aspects that you believe are similar of those arts, and which are different?

At the beginning of my career I was only a videomaker and a director. Early on I fall in love with the ability to document moments and to tell the whole story of what happen. For two years I worked only on this art form, till I felt the necessity to create more creative and without time contents. I become passionate of photography because I liked the instant satisfaction of this art form, and also its ability to tell the entire story with a single picture. I like the imperfection of the pictures. I like that to shoot an extraordinary picture you don’t need a perfect camera, angle, light or focus. Videos instead are an art form so technic that imperfections can ruin the quality.


#2 You worked for the most important international magazine and you were elected “Hip Hop's Most Trusted Photographer”. Which are your future objectives?

In the future I want to continue to build the project that I left behind, but also expand my brand globally. Thinking to photographer as Jonathan Mannion and Chi Modu. I like the fact that after 20 years their name and their works are still recognized in the sector. I trying to do my best to follow their steps.

I’m really happy that the Hip-Hop ed il Southern Hip-Hop are reaching a level of success that allow me to expand my brand to ways that I couldn’t imagine. In the last year I was able to open my studio in Atlanta.

As observer of the American and hip hop culture, I worked with recognized brands as AW Lab, Nike, adidas, Reebok, PUMA, NBA, MLS, Bloomingdales and many others. My plan is to go on and continue to go out the boundaries that had confined hip hop and its photography.


#3 Your work is close to the international hip hop scene. Music or Photography: which passion came up first?

My love for the music came up before my love of the Photography. When I was young I was a big fan of the music of Nas, Cam'ron, Mase, Lil Boosie and others. Was the love for the music to push me to buy my first camera, but now is the interest for the music to maintain alive that one for the music.


#4 Who are your favorite singer? and tell me the name of someone that in your opinion will leave a sign on the future of hip hop music?

My favorite artists of all time are 2 Pac, Nas, Slick Rick, Kanye West, DMX e Jay-Z. Still now I like to listen their old songs for days. I really like also few new artists, in particular Gunna and Trouble out of Atlanta. I have the impression that they are extraordinary artists that will leave a sign on the scene.


#5 In 2016 you participate to Art Basel in Miami. Will you present your works during others international events?

I really like to present my works at exhibitions. I think that one of the crucial moments of my career was the exhibition Trap God in 2015. I love to do unconventional things instead the classic galleries so in future I’m planning to find innovative ways to show my works.


#6 You came in Italy to shoot three young artists for the next AW LAB - Selected By campaign. What’s your relationship with sneakers?

I grew up playing sports, so I always had a close relationship with sneakers. Every year my parents bought me a pair of expensive basketball shoes. I had the last models of Jordan’s, Iverson’s, Bryant’s and all the others that were cool in that years.

During the last years I worked on the dopest sneakers campaign and they have rekindled the passion for the sneakers. Be a photographer for AW LAB in Italy was an amazing experience that made me know the Italian sneaker culture and see how, beside the place where you are, everybody love a good pair of sneakers!