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Interview with Kiwan Leung (Approved Sneakers)

Discover with us one of KICKIT's special guests

Interview with Kiwan Leung (Approved Sneakers) Discover with us one of KICKIT's special guests

Kiwan Leung aka Coolkiwan, is owner and founder of Approved Sneakers, a well-known trading company within the world of events related to sneakers. Like all sneaker fanatic, Coolkiwan has made its way into the world of resell and collectibles thanks to a great love for sneakers that led him to know and deal so many fans like him.

This year thanks to KICKIT Kiwan Leung will be in Italy, in Rome, on April 8 ready to surprise us with its rare grail, and why not with an Air Max 1 Patta x Parra Burgundy!

Stay tuned on nss to get a preview of all the other guests who will be present on April 8th at KICKIT!


#1 When and what got you into sneakers?

The same story for many 80's kids I think. But it was Michael Jordan who got me really into Jordans and collecting. Nike Air Jordan 1 Bred! My all-time favorite, the one that got me hooked forever.  


#2 The first sneakers you have consciously purchased, how, where and why?

Really consciously was Nike Air Epic back in 1990 I believe. I saw the Air Max 90 and wanted that so bad. I worked all summer but finally had no money enough to buy the AM90 and bought the Nike Air Epic instead. 



#3 Why did you decide to undertake this work, what are the pros and what are the cons?

It all started when I had so many sneakers, that  could not fit in my new apartment. So I started to sell off 200+ pairs and people were wild about it. So then people asked me if I could get other pairs and I could. Love to hook up people with their hard to find grails. That's what I do now. Pros are that I do work with stuff I am passionate about. I love being around sneakers all the time. Cons is actually the same. Sneakers, sneakers every day. Selling/buying/trading, the hate you sometimes get. It sometimes is too much. But then I get so much love also, that makes me go on and on and on and on.


#4 How was Approved Sneakers born?

After a while of selling/buying/trading sneakers privately, I wanted to do this full time. I wanted to do concepts and events. So Approved Sneakers was born, the web-shop so I do not have to send people pics all the time, it's easy to find all my stuff on my web-shop and order. 


#5 How is the Netherlands sneakers market going at the moment? What do you think about it?

The Dutch market is very hype driven, also dictated by the marketing machines of the big 2/3 brands. This is a worldwide thing, but since the economy is very good in west Europe, you see that lots of sneakers are bought and sold. Many people also want to start reselling. I only hope that people will keep the game alive and keep passionate about the sneaker above everything else.



#6 What do you think of the Italian street and sneakers scene?

I know many Italian sneakerheads and they all have one thing: Passion and fashion. They care about how they look, not only on their feet but the whole fit needs to be good. It's fascinating to get to know more about whats going on in the streets of Rome and other cities. 


#7 And with which grail you will amaze us at KICKIT?

I have a few nice items I will take with me. I got 2011 real “banned” Jordan 1 bred, a signed Dunk De La Soul and some more gems.


#8 Your top 3 sneakers of all time?

Jordan 1 bred , Jordan 3 Custom, Jordan 1 Fathers Day.