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All the references to Princess Diana inside Off-White Women's SS18 collection


All the references to Princess Diana inside Off-White Women's SS18 collection NATURAL WOMAN

At the Salle Wagram Theater in Paris, Virgil Abloh staged his homage to princess Diana Spencer.

Off-White's designer, fascinated by how human evolution emerges from her style, brings back, 20 years after his death, the beloved princess to the people, fashionastas people, ready to buy every garments of this SS18 collection. One by one, the models bring back  to life the most beloved woman's looks: the Versace pink suit; the laced gloves worn at the America's Cup Ball in 1986; shorts and sneakers that Diana chose to jog; total denim; the blusa a pois; the little black dress from June 1994 and many others. 

Two months ago, Virgil unveils the muse behind the forty looks of the Woman's SS18 collection, NATURAL WOMAN, via his Instagram and, from that moment on, we've all been in suspense - and the announcement of a collaboration with Jimmy Choo for the footwear event has only increased the curiosity on the collection.

The result is a powerful yet delicate collection in which Abloh does not dare, but brings a touch of contemporary and street vibes to the style of a woman that has become an icon, like Marilyn and Naomi Campbell - leaving everyone with breathless when closing the parade - choosing to celebrate the life of an extraordinary woman through the medium of fashion.

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“Off-White has always been about the modern woman, the empowered woman, the businesswoman and I wanted that show to be influenced by her presence,” explained the designer in the backstage.


Discover the inspirations.


Off-White SS18 – Lady D in Rome on April in 1985

Off-White SS18 – Lady D in 1983

Off-White SS18 – Lady D arriving at the Serpentine Gallery, London, in a gown by Christina Stambolian, June 1994

Off-White SS18 – Lady D   wearing David Sassoon red maternity dress at Barbican Centre in March 1982

Off-White SS18 – Lady D at the Royal Brompton Hospital on April 15 1997

Off-White SS18 – Lady D in 1992

Off-White SS18 – Lady D on March 15, 1994

Off-White SS18 – Lady D sporty version

Off-White SS18 – Lady D in Versace

Off-White SS18 – Lady D on April 22, 1997

Off-White SS18 – Lady D wearing camel coat

Off-White SS18 – Lady D & Charles formal portrait

Off- White – Lady D at the Coliseum wearing Victor Edelstein and at Guards Polo Club In Windsor

Off-White – Diana Spencer, the people's princess