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Alexander Wang vs Philipp Plein

American fashion designer publicly accused Philipp Plein of plagiarism

Alexander Wang vs Philipp Plein  American fashion designer publicly accused Philipp Plein of plagiarism

The fashion parade has just begun, but we already have a burning controversy that’s heating up the atmosphere. It all started last night when the designer Alexander Wang has accused the colleague Philipp Plein had blatantly copied his collection Alexander Wang x H&M in 2014. The prosecution was launched bluntly on Wang’s Instagram profile, who posted a meme-styled video showing the similarities between his show and Plein Sport by Philipp Plein. Hard to disagree. The video, in fact, clearly shows that the similarities between the two chows are many, perhaps too many to be a coincidence. Not only the look inspired by sporstwear and boxing, but also the preparation of the show, which recreates a parkour gym: an obvious reminder of the infamous collection of Alexander Wang in 2014. It is plagiarism? According to the designer obviously yes, while the alleged offender has not yet responded to the accusation. Public opinion seems all sided Alexander Wang, but before closing the case by pointing the finger at Philipp Plein seems fitting to briefly analyze the phenomenon around the German designer in these three points.

Un post condiviso da Alex Wang (@alexwangny) in data:

#1 The success of Philipp Plein
Without focusing too much on biographical details, we just know that the brand Philipp Plein, founded in 1998 by the homonymous designer of Monaco of Bavaria, has long been one of the stars of the Milan Fashion Week. Since 2011, the Philipp Plein fashion shows animated the nightlife of Milan fashion, realizing real huge fashion shows. Celebrities, singers and supermodels - Naomi Campbell, Snopp Dogg, Paris Hilton are just a few names - have ran the stage of his shows at least once, creating a colorful and spectacular sights. Not only fashion, however, marked the history of this brand. Over the years Philipp Plein has been involved in some news that, for better or for worse, have fueled the popularity of the brand. For example, last year, Dolce & Gabbana have accused the German designer of "stealing" their employees and always in 2016 Philipp Plein has joined forces with his friend Flavio Briatore to invest on brand Billionaire Couture, which since 2005 is aimed at a target audience of men lovers of luxury and Italian style. In this way, the Philipp Plein International Group has established a commercial strategy to implement the popularity and sales, the brand.

#2 Fashion or Marketing?
As we have already said, Philipp Plein has been for years one of the most influential leaders of the Milan Fashion Week. His latest show "Alice in Ghettoland" - which marked the farewell to Milan soon ahead going to NY- had as special guests the singer Fergie, rapper Fat Joe and the showgirl Paris Hilton. A success. But the Philipp Plein fashion shows have attracted media attention for other reasons, such as the one for the SS14 season that has seen only black models parading - criticized by many as a mere strategy to attract public attention to the brand - or the last collection in which walked the former inmate Jeremy Meeks. And the clothes? Unfortunately, they often take a back seat. Wanted or not, no one can tell, but it is undeniable that the Philipp Plein fashion shows are remembered more for their guests, rather than the clothes.

#3 Philipp Plein-less
So, what have we learned? Without a doubt the true Philipp Plein talent lies in its ability to capture the audience's attention, giving them what they want. His ability to organize successful events are undeniable: the most beloved singers, faces the most popular and talked-about, even the most controversial figures of the time they took part in at least a parade of Philipp Plein. The brand is successful not because of the clothes, but because it always hits the target of media attention. And so it is for fashion. Philipp Plein doesn’t launch trends, but follows it. When Philipp Plein launches a collection, you can bet that this will include the trend of the moment. The line of activewear Plein Sport newly launched - one in the cyclone of the controversy of Alexander Wang - is a huge proof of that.

To conclude, Philipp Plein is a perfect mass entertainment machine. It gives the public what the public likes and wants to see and wear, with no claim to be innovative or unconventional. As for the dispute with Alexander Wang, the resemblance is undeniable, but does it make sense to still speak of plagiarism in fashion? In a time when all brands tend to align and when collections seem to be composed only of more or less declared quotations, the Alexander Wang controversy leave things as they are. Since this is also a brand like Philipp Plein, well, the "plagiarism" is merely form of appreciation.