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Ana Fort Paramio

Valencia, Spain


Marketing @ Converse

Valencia, Spain


How are you living the quarantine: fears and dreams?

I was living in Barcelona, but before all this started to become harder, I moved to Valencia. To my family place, where I spent my teenager years. Now after 7 years living on my own I’m with my parents 24/7 spending real time with them. I have 2838975857 moods in one day, but I started to be comfortable with all of them. I also read a lot, online workshops and dancing in my room save my days, for sure. My fears are that we don’t change at all as a society. And dreams, pick one small bag and travel, I don’t give a f* where.  


What is your soundtrack?

My father is always playing Bruce Springsteen's vinyl records … and is not a big flat. But atm “Self Control” by Frank Ocean.