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Crazy in love

5 artists' declarations of love

Crazy in love 5 artists' declarations of love

Swearing ourselves eternal love, tender messages, gifts, profound words. This is more or less what happens between "normal" couples in love, starting a relationship and sharing a lifetime together, or just a piece of it.

What about if the couples were instead internationally renewned artists? Then these demonstrations of affection could be really blatant and memorable. Amuse selected 5 iconic ones, here they are: 


#1 Jeff Koons & Cicciolina

Made in Heaven, presented at the Venice Biennale in 1990, provoked a series of reactions between disgust, astonishment and admiration. A series of soft-porn works that were a veritable tribute to his muse and future wife pornstar Ilona Staller - aka Cicciolina.


#2 Genesis P-Orridge and Lady Jaye

When Genesis P-Orridge, English singer and musician pioneer of acid house, met Lady Jaye, she completely loses her mind and a mad love is born. Their love is so intense that, on the occasion of their anniversary in 2003, they have given each other a series of surgery operations and they have begun to dress the same way, becoming more and more in symbiosis.


#3 Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera

Who has not fallen in love while listening to the story of Palomita and Panson? A wild and deep love at the limit with obsession which made Diego Frida's subject of many of her works (such as the self-portrait with Diego on the forehead) and Frida Diego's muse.


#4 Christo & Jeanne-Claude

An artist (Christo) and a life partner (Jeanne-Claude), who melted their work and passions. The mind and the arm, whose union symbol is detectable in the immense enclosure that has "contained" the building of the Berlin Parliament.


#5 Marina Abramović & Ulay

Among the most exciting and memorable romances in the art world, we remember the one between Marina Abramovic and Ulay, who met, loved each other madly and then split forever.

As a testimony of their love they set up an intense performance called The Lovers, on top of the Great Wall in China, where their paths divided forever, going in opposite directions, both physically and spiritually.