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Art vs Art #2

Surprising similarities in different ages

Art vs Art #2 Surprising similarities in different ages

We start 2016 with a new column dedicated to all art lovers (but also to all curious people) curated by Valeria Meli. It’s a project that will focus monthly on the comparison between works of art belonging to different ages, which present though impressive similarities, reachable at first sight.

How did you develop this passion?Making comparisons between works that are similar for a certain aspect (stylistic, visual, technical, historical, etc.) is nothing new” Valeria explains. “My particularity is to perform this mental process in an immediate and extemporaneous way. Looking at a painting, in fact, I very often and involuntarily make a connection to another work. This because of what I call a ‘mental database’, which I have created over the time by going to as many exhibitions and museums as possible and consuming my eyes on manuals and websites”. 

Look down and wonder:


#1 Olympia (1863) - Édouard Manet vs La Blanche et la Noir (1913) - Félix Vallotton


#2 La Mémoire (1944) - René Magritte vs Oedipus (1990) - Hermann Nitsch


#3 Les Oréades (1902) - William Bouguereau vs Resurgere e Renasci (1984) - Bo Bartlett


#4 The Kiss (1907-1908) - Gustav Klimt vs Work by Yves Pires


#5 Floating Nude - Xi Pan vs Danae (1907-1908) - Gustav Klimt


#6 Reclining Nude (1879) - Luis Ricardo Falero vs The Birth of Venus (1863) - Alexandre Cabanel


#7 Il Bacio (1859) - Francesco Hayez vs Ettore e Andromaca (1917) - Giorgio de Chirico


#8 Nascita di Venere (1484–1486) - Sandro Botticelli vs Nudo in piedi (1917) - Amedeo Modigliani