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Lana Del Rey Previews Big Eyes

the new Tim Burton movie

Lana Del Rey Previews Big Eyes the new Tim Burton movie

Sometimes people are not done properly of the "same substance of dreams", sometimes that substance is more like something slimy and sneaky, like a lie, a deception or pride.

Education, character,  what-comes-what? It 'a Freudian job understand everything, but it is so evident that in reality people are fragile and  have unstable equilibrium, and their attitudes are often unexpected, absurd.

Margaret Keane ,today eighty-six years, only now has found in the light of Hawaii tranquility, after a troubled life and frustrated, even artistically expropriated. By a husband, Walter, who for years had reduced to the assembly of its billion-dollar business, placing anywhere, in supermarkets and service stations, as well as in museums and private collections, the paintings she performed in a continuous stream and on which he just put his signature. Forcing her to remain silent about their secret business  heavy with threats.

This life is now represented by the great Tim Burton that had the same childhood of her, lonely, shy. And their works look at us with the same eyes, immense and unhappy.

Margaret Keane, the painter of the sons of no one with doll eyes, becomes the muse of Tim Burton, the director of the childhood monsters.

To give extra beauty to this tormented story, is the fragile and a little 'shadowy Lana Del Rey, whose dark side pervades her songs, almost like a hymn to melancholy.

The perfect match, the triptych of irregular, enclosed in a single film: Big Eyes.