What happened just before everything ended? We memories, ideas, scenes in the memory that haunt us sometimes; consume drinks with a high alcohol talking with friends, smoke a pack of cigarettes from the winds, now we find someone else to "distract" ... 

There are several reactions when a story ends, and several are the "remains" of that which has just concluded, photos, videos, messages, gifts. 

The shots of the 21 year-old American Jordan Tiberio tell nuanced intimacy and a love affair gone. Sam and Maris, the protagonists of this service photographic project called "Two Souls", you are left a few weeks after the shooting. "This is me. And this is my ex boyfriend Sam - says Maris -. We walked everywhere together. We smoked the same cigarettes. Slept in the same bed. 'S strange relate these photos. And to say that when Jordan snapped the thought of be so in love ... ".

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