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David LaChapelle - Land Scape

Paul Kasmin Gallery - New York

David LaChapelle  - Land Scape Paul Kasmin Gallery - New York

Master of the most dreamy and sweetened surreality, David LaChapelle opens the new year with an exhibition at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in NYC, taking us by the hand in an extravagant metaphysical dimension.

This time no grotesque human figure, no religious reference, no caricature: the American photographer points the lens on new horizons and populates his shots with infrastructures for the production and distribution of oil.

Two series, Refineries and Gas Stations,  make the collection and they stand out, architectural avatar of a planet dependent on oil, clouding the viewer with their eerie glow and with their retro-futuristic aesthetic. These scale models made from recycled materials (curlers, cans and container for tea among the others) have been immortalized in the forest of Maui and along the majestic California coasts. The surrounding LAND SCAPE plays the main role: generative and destructive at the same time, it represents the source we cannot do without but also the relentless nature, able to devour all our artificial creations.