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The second collection of Sunnei Objects

The brand's world of artisan collaborations continues to expand

The second collection of Sunnei Objects The brand's world of artisan collaborations continues to expand

After the first collection last May, Sunnei Objects returns with a new collection of pieces for the decoration of the house that expresses the aesthetic vision of the brand through the workers of Made in Italy craftsmanship. The origin of the collection lies in the expansion towards the lifestyle of the brand, which wanted to provide its community with a series of items to be used in everyday life. The idea behind the new design venture is to go beyond expectations, including those surrounding the aesthetics of the brand itself, signing objects for which inspiration has emerged organically, thinking about the main needs of the daily routine. As was the case with the first Objects collection, Sunnei has collaborated with artisans from all over Italy, from Milan to Biella, Murano, Padua and Varese, dialoguing both with experienced artists and with emerging talents.

Among the highlights of the collection are the Murano glasses in new colors and the first set of dishes of the brand. In addition to tableware, another highlight is the inevitable wool blanket while, always included in the line-up, there is a white doormat decorated with the imprint of the brand's Dreamy Snekaer, a series of decorative furnishings with an unequivocal shape that, according to the brand and also in our opinion, will become an effective conversation starter during any dinner with friends. Still talking about dinners with friends, with the new line-up the brand has also thought of a background music transforming the soundtrack of the last FW21 show into vinyl and also adding three bonus tracks. Among the other objects, however, there is a version of the classic gym ball covered in denim and renamed Almost Swiss Ball while in the line-up there is also a collaboration with the American design studio Matter Made that includes two Champ stools with the typical colors of Sunnei. 

Sunnei's Object II collection is available online on the brand's official website, in Sunnei's official flagships and at selected retailers.