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inhabit #7 - Maya Beano

In symbiosis with the world around us

inhabit #7 - Maya Beano In symbiosis with the world around us

The protagonist of inhabit #7 is Maya Beano, a photographer born in Giordania but living in England. Maya tells us about herself in particular about what "home" means to her through a series of photo shoots.

Maya Beano



Home is a place in the mind, a state of symbiosis with my surroundings, a sanctuary where I feel at peace with myself and with the world, a sense of belonging. I have found home many times in my life, on a hill, in a forest, in a desert, near a sea. I can find home almost anywhere, my mind has spread itself thin across many homes. I leave parts of myself wherever I go. The big challenge now is learning how to stitch together all of those parts so I can experience home for longer than a few fleeting hours.​


Maya was born in Amman, Jordan and has been living in the UK since 2007. She works as a research scientist in Cambridge and dedicates all of her free time to her photography projects. Her photos were taken in various parts of the world, including Sweden, Iceland, Jordan, Switzerland, USA and UK. The artist captures dream-like landscapes exploring themes of companionship, memories, identity and loneliness.



Instagram @mayabeano