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Elle Fanning X Asos

Cover Girl

Elle Fanning X Asos Cover Girl

Un sogno diventato realtà per Elle Fanning che quest’anno si afferma come una delle sedicenni più cool e famose al mondo, un momento da favola per l’attrice, richiestissima nel fashion system: dalle sorelle Rodarte, fino a diventare uno dei volti di Miu Miu. Oggi invece diventa la covergirl di Asos..

Sotto alcuni punti dell’intervista:

On Karl Lagerfeld: 

"I've known him for a while, ever since he did a shoot with my sister when she was 12. He's just so cool, such an interesting guy, with his fingerless gloves and his Diet Coke. The Chanel couture show was the first one I ever went to, so that was special to me. I remember sitting there with my mouth completely dropping."

On meeting Beyonce at the Met Ball:

"I was 13 and I was with my sister, who knew that I loved Beyonce so much and wanted to meet her. Dakota was talking to her and introduced me, but I couldn't really say anything. Beyonce turned around and she was glowing. She said, 'You look so cute!'. She was really cool."

Tenete a mente il suo nome, ne sentiremo parlare molto presto.