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Extensive archives have become crucial assets for brands in today's market, where storytelling plays a central role in marketing and product sales. Customers now consider not only what they are wearing but also the historical meaning behind the products and how they reflect their own identity.

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Vans, in its early stages, did not prioritize archiving its work, focusing more on new product development. This lack of archival efforts led to a realization by Rian Pozzebon, Vans' Global Footwear Designer, that the brand was missing out on its historical heritage.

Pozzebon and his colleagues embarked on a mission to uncover Vans' forgotten history, scouring abandoned desks and collecting artifacts that would eventually contribute to Vans' rich archive.

Dai piedi alla testa | Image 455344
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WP Lavori in Corso, a company that has distributed Vans in the Italian market since 1986, stands out with its comprehensive Vans archive. Considered by many dedicated Vans fans as one of the most extensive collections, WP Lavori in Corso played a significant role in supplying Vans to an entire continent and fueling the Paninari movement—a group of 80s pseudo-hipsters from Milan who embraced Americana and consumerism.

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