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Highlights of the second day of the Cannes Film Festival

A day dedicated to powerful women

Highlights of the second day of the Cannes Film Festival A day dedicated to powerful women

After a memorable opening ceremony, carried by the contagious energy of Camille Cottin and punctuated by strong moments, the second day of the Cannes Film Festival 2024 proved to be a promising continuation. If the previous day was steeped in feminism, this day was equally dedicated to highlighting the essential role of women, the true heroines of this 77th edition. Meryl Streep, an undisputed legend of cinema, captivated the attention of professionals during a masterclass. Meanwhile, Judith Godrèche, a leading voice of the #MeToo movement in France, presented her poignant short film on sexual violence, offering a platform to victims long silenced by society. Meanwhile, the actors of "Furiosa" made a smashing entry on the red carpet, led by Anya Taylor-Joy.

An Honorary Palme d'Or and a Memorable Masterclass for Meryl Streep

When Meryl Streep made her entrance at the Debussy Hall of the Palais des Festivals, she was greeted with a standing ovation and a minute of applause. It's not every day that a living legend of cinema steps onto the Cannes soil, and the audience present did not fail to honor this icon with the respect she deserves. Despite all the glory surrounding her, Meryl Streep remained true to her elegant modesty, with no signs of pretension or arrogance. For over an hour, the star, recipient of an honorary Palme d'Or the day before, shared with the professionals present the highlights of her life and career. Anecdotes and a few jokes peppered the conversation, like the one about the shampoo scene in "Out of Africa", where she revealed the intimate and passionate side of her profession.

Judith Godrèche, the Standard-Bearer of the #metoo Cinema Movement

This moment on the steps of the Palais des Festivals will certainly remain etched in memory as one of the strongest moments of this edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Accompanied by sixteen other artists, including her daughter Tess Barthélémy and journalist Rokhaya Diallo, Judith Godrèche walked the steps of the Palais des Festivals to present her short film "Me Too" during the opening ceremony of the parallel competition "A Certain Look". Under the flashes of photographers, the group made a powerful gesture by placing their hands over their mouths, symbolizing the liberation of speech long held back on sexual violence in the film industry. This gesture, often repeated during feminist demonstrations, embodies the #MeToo wave currently shaking French cinema. In "Me Too," this symbol is amplified by the participation of hundreds of extras, all having experienced similar experiences to those of Judith Godrèche. Through her short film, the director has succeeded in giving a collective voice to victims of sexual violence, highlighting the extent of the problem in our society.

"Furiosa", the Return of Mad Max to the Croisette Carried by Anya Taylor-Joy.

Nine years after "Fury Road", George Miller has delivered a new installment that reaffirms the power of his cinematic universe. As highlighted by the critique, "the miracle happened again". For fans of the saga, "Furiosa" was a true return to the origins, a dive into a world where action and emotion blend with unmatched intensity. The premiere of the film was a real moment of emotion and thrill for the audience present at the Palais des Festivals. The high-octane energy of the "Mad Max" saga ignited the Croisette, with Anya Taylor-Joy, who embodies the titular role of "Furiosa", as a beacon of this ascent on the red carpet. Her portrayal of a vengeful warrior captivated the audience and her on-screen presence was hailed as one of the highlights of the film.