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5 Things to do in Paris during this week-end

From the 17th till the 19th of May

5 Things to do in Paris during this week-end From the 17th till the 19th of May

As the last glimmers of Friday afternoon begin to tint the capital, a breath of freedom seems to sweep through the cobbled streets. The Parisians, always in a hurry, slow down to savor the moment. Café terraces fill up, parks come alive, and the Seine becomes the scene of numerous romantic strolls. The weekend in Paris promises a seductive mix of culture, gastronomy, and relaxation, offering everyone a chance to unwind and escape the weekly routine. Here are some ideas to fully enjoy these two days in the City of Light.

Where to Eat – JAH JAH Paris

Coralie and Daqui, founders of « Le Tricycle », the first mobile vegan hot-dog stand in Paris, were inspired by the Ital cuisine (Jamaican vegan cuisine) to create Jah-Jah. With its red, yellow, and green Jamaican flags and portraits of Bob Marley, it does not hide its Rastafarian inspiration, which establishes a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. The decor mixes reclaimed furniture with crates of fresh vegetables, all against a backdrop of world music. The many young people who frequent this lively area are big fans of this new type of restaurant, with its revolutionary idea of what it means to eat well. There’s nothing sophisticated here. No meat, no fish. Instead, a proud commitment to « super natural food », with a prime place for raw vegetables. Rediscover the joys of sweet potato, chickpea, avocado, cauliflower, carrot, or zucchini, combined in vibrant salads, colorful mezze, and even a vegan hot-dog, all accompanied by bissap and hibiscus juices. From Creole world to India, this place offers the best of global vegan cuisine!

11 R. des Petites Écuries

75010 Paris 10ème

To Discover – SIGNAL by Mohamed Borouissa

The French-Algerian artist Mohamed Borouissa makes his grand return to the Palais de Tokyo with an exhibition titled « Signal », from February 16 to June 30, 2024. The multimedia artist takes you on an artistic journey envisioned as a music album tinged with bitterness (seum, in Arabic). The exhibition brings together drawings, photographs, sound scores, films, sculptures, watercolors, and experimental music created by the artist from his beginnings to today. A collection aimed at immersing you in the spirit and life of the artist.

13 Av. du Président Wilson

75116 Paris 16ème

Where to Have Fun – Papa Cabane

Le Papa Cabane is a guinguette in Paris, known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Located next to the AccorHotels Arena in the 12th arrondissement, this place is primarily open during the summer months. It features a large outdoor area with wooden decks, string lights, and rustic decor that creates a warm atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy a variety of drinks and simple dishes, often accompanied by live music or DJ sets. It is a popular destination for after-work gatherings and evenings with friends, offering a pleasant break from urban bustle.

Rue Paul Belmondo

75012 Paris 12ème

Where to Shop – Hier Vintage

Hier Vintage is a boutique specializing in the sale of vintage clothing and accessories in Paris. Known for its carefully curated and eclectic selection, the store offers pieces from the 1920s to the 1990s, focusing on quality and authenticity. Each item is selected for its unique style and excellent condition. The store's ambiance evokes refined nostalgia, with a decor that blends retro and modern elements. It is a favorite among vintage fashion enthusiasts, providing a personalized shopping experience with expert advice on retro fashion. Hier Vintage also attracts both collectors and fashionistas in search of unique pieces.

8 Rue du Pont aux Choux

75003 Paris 3ème

Where to Party – at Phantom with Charlotte De Witte

This Saturday, The Techno Empress, recently crowned Underground DJ #1 for the 4th consecutive year, takes over this new venue in Paris called Phantom. Charlotte de Witte, a Belgian DJ and producer of international renown, is famous for her powerful and captivating techno sets, often adorned with dark, hypnotic melodies. Also known for her own musical productions, which regularly top the techno charts, expect the best of electronic music.

8 Bd de Bercy

75012 Paris 12ème