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What went down at NABA students' projects presentation

An edition dedicated to support the theme of sustainability with "Planet Dresses"

What went down at NABA students' projects presentation  An edition dedicated to support the theme of sustainability with Planet Dresses
Naike Crestani
Ludovica Arrighetti
Giulia Azzurro
Camilla Bertoni
Laura Bigogno
Andrea Boccadoro
Nicola Bortoletto
Chiara Bozzoli
Andrea Capobianco
Lucia Carmagnola
Armand Filip Ciausoiu
Alexandrina Condraciuc
Gabriele Tasin
Nicola Cudazzo
Camilla Devecchi
Ilaria Supino
Oliver Stromsater
Maria Plamenova Stoyanova
Giorgio Silvestri
Marco Santini
Matilde Rech
Francesca Quaglino
Dang Hoang Phan
Martina Neroni
Giorgia Menegotto
Federica Luciani
Xiao Lin
Bernadette Gouba
Kate Dimaculangan
Ivan D'Onofrio

Last Tuesday Planet Dresses – The NABA Campus Fashion View 2021 was held, the presentation of the collections of young fashion designers of the Academy that, for this year, focused on the Planet Dresses theme proposed by Nicoletta Morozzi, NABA Fashion Design Advisor. A pink catwalk unfolded across the entire campus with cameras broadcasting details of the collections live-streamed everywhere. NABA's young designers were asked to use a sense of responsibility as a creative tool – something everyone did. One of the young designers interviewed by nss magazine, Bernadette Gouba, said for example: «In fashion, I see inclusiveness and ecology, both from the point of view of subjects before and from the point of view of people of all ethnicities». Martina Neroni, on the other hand, underlined the importance of tailoring as a tool to guarantee the quality and longevity of garments, when we asked her how she imagined the future of fashion she replied: «Filled with clothes that last over time that you can grow fond of». 

A «less ephemeral» future is instead what Giorgio Silvestri imagined, who wanted to focus on clothes to be used every day and able to last over time, subverting the logic of fast fashion: «I imagine a scene dominated by so many small brands working on quality and trends that aren't that fast». More lapidary Ivan d'Onofrio who painted with quick brushstrokes the idea of the fashion industry that he would like to see in the future: «Less disorder and more criterion. Fewer numbers and more quality. Clearer aesthetics and less air-spanned concepts. Fashion should be less niche and more democratic – without ever losing the touch of exclusivity that fashion must-have». Chiara Bozzoli, on the other hand, spoke of the 'redundancy of clothes' that governs today's fashion world. «The solution is upcycling: transforming the details of simple clothes into new shapes and new designs, to have more options from a single garment», she continued. While Giulia Azzurro emphasized the idea of a fashion that does not weigh on the environment and society: «The fashion of the future I imagine sustainable, necessary and functional».

This common feeling of responsible and conscious fashion was reflected in the very concept of the presentation, which the institute itself defined as a fashion slow show, wide both in time and in space, portrayed through multiple perspectives that simultaneously deepened the many details present in the various collections. NABA also involved the writer, podcaster and DJ Paola Maugeri in the presentation in a conducting that guided the viewer throughout the performance and original music of sound designer Emre Baloglu who designed a sound environment by reconnecting with the theme "Planet Dresses" in a dialogue with the creations of the students.