A six-song journey through Naples, Barona and the cosmic space.
On Saturday, June 9th, Liberato performed for the first time in Milan, just one month away from his first performance on the Naples' waterfront.

"Uè, milane'" were the only words pronounced by Liberato, who took the stage when the moon was beginning to glimpse behind the huge metallic mushroom of Barrio in the heart of the Barona's district of Milan. After the opening DJ-set by Bawrut, three Liberato dressed in bomber, bandana, hood and Converse One Star appearede on the stage, accompanied by an instrumental piece on which was grafted one of cursing from the iconic scene of the film Io speriamo che me la cavo.

Over six thousand fans started singing 9 MAGGIO, with which Liberato opened the live. Afterward, the artist performed his full repertory - from GAIOLA PORTAFORTUNA to INTOSTREET and JE TE VOGLIO BENE ASSAJE -, enriched by electronic percussions and remodeled bases that have enlarged the songs, mutating without transfiguring them.
Liberato was able to capture all the fans and take them into a journey made of cosmic visual, electronic vibe and putting a Neapolitan slang on Milan's lips.

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