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Kylie Jenner continues to surprise

doing an "hot" video with Tyga

Kylie Jenner continues to surprise doing an hot video with Tyga

2016 is not over yet and Kylie Jenner, wanted to leave a last sign, in this year that was for her important, such as Kendall. Few days ago, in fact, she was on spotlight  2017 because of her 2017 calendar, shot by Terry Richardson. Unsatisfied, the baby Kardashian made with her boyfriend Tyga, a sensual video, showing caresses and kisses between the two in the shower. This video, initially only on W Magazine, was shot by Sasha Samsonova, who was keen to stress the fact that in the video there is no post production: effects, skin and others are real and natural.

Enjoy, probably last, Kylie 2016’s surprise!