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5 possible scenarios under Trump's presidency

From building "the wall" to erasing any trace of Obama's presidency

5 possible scenarios under Trump's presidency From building the wall to erasing any trace of Obama's presidency

In 2000, in The Simpsons Matt Groening joked about an imaginary future in which Donald Trump would be elected President of the United States. Today, sixteen years later, that future is our present. It's so close we can touch it with our hands since when this morning our sleepy eyes saw the votes' red bar exceeding the 270. Donald Trump is the new president of the United States of America: sounds like a joke, but unfortunately, it's not. Do you think in 2016 it's impossible that someone who thinks that climate change is bullshit, that Obama is not even an American citizen and has (literally) founded ISIS, who said he would fuck his own daughter, and who, talking about women in private, said "Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything", not only has free will, but it's also been elected President? Us, too.

Of course, there is always the chance that he won't even get to the beginning of his term in January, given that in December he'll have to face a trial for having raped a minor.

Unfortunately, even if he was found guilty, things wouldn't look better: the presidency would go to his deputy, Mike Pence, conservative extremists' pupil who promotes the denial of any service to gay couples and would ban abortions.

In short, whatever happens, the future looks bright and not anachronistic at all!

If you have not understood what the political level of the new president, do not despair. It's only because Trump doesn't have one! He's been good at selling illusions by always saying the opposite of everything, divulgated wrong data to renew the hatred of his audience, and relied on the most primal feelings of all, anger. But in fact, there hasn't been actual proposals. Anyway, some issues recurred in his speeches more than others, and below we give you an overview of what could be included in the plan that's supposed to "make America great again."

# 1 Immigration

According to Trump, immigrants are the reason the country's problems. And good old Donald has many ideas that'll stop this rampant danger. He would like to build the famous wall separating Mexico from the United States, to impose a two-year prison for anyone who re-enters the US after having been deported, to delete the Ius soli (citizenship for those born in the US) and, of course, to suspend immigration from regions "at risk of terrorism" such as Syria.

The Mexican peso has already collapsed, but, at least, it is likely that none of these proposals will be achievable. Too much workforce would get lost, the plan would be too expensive and the country's economy would be at risk, so the most likely option is that, rather than being expelled, immigrants will be regularised.

#2 Russia
Trump and Putin are now bff, so it's likely that tensions with Russia will get more relaxed.

The Russian president has already expressed his joy about the outcome of these elections, and has declared that he has "confidence that building a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington that is based on principles of equality, mutual respect and a real accounting each other's positions, in the interests of our peoples and the world community."

In short, all sunshine and rainbows. For now.

#3 ISIS and foreign policy
How could we stop ISIS? Fear not, Donald Trump has the solution. Let's just "knock the hell out of ISIS." Easy.

Wondering what will it result in the concrete? Well, that's still a mystery.

Among the many things that Trump has talked gibberish in order to get elected, there's the promise to completely dismantle NATO. This, of course, will be impossible. What may happen is that the USA will reconsider their commitment to the issues NATO is involved with, as well as in international affairs in general. According to Trump, America will send troops into the foreign field strictly if needed – which comes in complete contradiction with his plan to "knock the hell out of ISIS".

#4 The environment

America's spending too much money on this climate change thing. Trump just can't get over the billions of dollars used for the United Nations' climate programs, given that, as we were saying, in his opinion climate change is nothing but a lie. His first step will be to cut these expenses, if not to erase them, and to use them for infrastructure projects instead. Then he'll implement the production of natural gas and oil in US territory.

#5 Obama
The hatred Trump has towards former President Barack Obama it's something we could go on talking for ages. Here, we'll just say that in his (utopian) intention is to delete any trace of his predecessor. Not only he would get rid of Obamacare, the health care reform introduced by Obama – which, by the way, has enabled more than 11 million Americans to afford health insurance – but in its most vivid hopes there's also to "erase Obama from history books." Donald Trump, the last dreamer.