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You can spend your Halloween night at Dracula's Castle

Thanks to Airbnb

You can spend your Halloween night at Dracula's Castle Thanks to Airbnb

Halloween is coming. If you are tired of wandering the streets of your town, knocking on every door shouting "trick or treat?", but still want to celebrate the night of the witches, Airbnb has the right idea for you.

The website for renting houses and bedrooms has launched a competition which offers the opportunity to spend an entire night inside Dracula's castle in Romania as a reward.

How to participate? Imagine what you would say to the famous vampire if you were to meet him, and, if you're lucky, the unusual overnight stay for two people will be yours. The answer must be between 50 and 500 characters, and arrive by 23:59 of 10/26/16.

A horse-drawn carriage will bring the winners to the Bran fortress, in the Carpathian Mountains, known to have been, in the mid-fifteenth century, the residence of Vlad Tepes III, aka the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia of the noble house of Drăculeşti, real character who inspired the dark star of Bram Stoker's novel.

Here, after a candlelight dinner with paprika chicken in the large dining room, the couple will sleep in comfortable coffins (for the less adventurous, beds are available) located in the crypt.

To enjoy this spooky experience Airbnb requires some simple rules: forbidden garlic, silver jewelry and selfies.

Ready to meet Count Dracula?

Here's the link to participate.