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Cannes 2015

Hot points about the best known French festival

Cannes 2015 Hot points about the best known French festival

Cannes Film Festival ended a few days ago and we are here to judge. Feminist scandals, red carpet from the strict rules and the flop of Italian films are just some of the burning issues.

#1 Dheepan is Golden Palm.

The Palme d'Or remains in France. The director Jacques Audiard, already known for the Prophet, told the story of Tamil, a warrior from Sri Lanka (played by Jesuthasan Antonythasan) who wants to get political asylum in France. Various tricks, including the invention of having a family, describing the harsh reality bluntly. Probably the secret of success is the jury, the story of a contemporary fact that is changing the viewer while watching.

Maybe about the Coen brothers, who wanted to reward the realism with which they were treated certain issues. The Grand Prix, in second place, goes to Son of Saul. Opera before László Nemes, Hungarian director, who won the award with the irreverent portrait of the Holocaust’s tragedy. The story tells of a member of the Sonderkommando (the group of Jews forced to act as assistants to the Nazis in the extermination of their comrades) thinks he sees the corpse of a young son who left long ago, and she puts her mind to offer a religious burial.

#2 A Maltese takes Palma

One of the few awards that criticism has found itself in a unanimous opinion, the collar with rhinestones that is given to the best interpretation by dogs (sorry..animals) this year goes to the Maltese who starred in Arabian Nights by Miguel Gomes. In one of the most compelling scenes of the film, the dog Dixie, which is diverted from owner to owner, comes face to face with their own shadow spectrum in a tower block bewitched. Tenderness in spades.

#3 Dad bods everywhere

Vanity is a good deal at Cannes, when the sellers of roses turn into sellers of selfie stick the fact becomes sensational. But, despite this, men can rest easy: the stereotype is that of dad bods, or relaxed man with the bacon as if it were pregnant. Farewell sculpted abs, welcome bacon. Colin Farrell sported a belly like a depressed divorced inclined to sing ballads, Nick Cave basks in the lust of The Lobster. Then we end up in "beauty" with Gérard Depardieu and flaccid shirtless with Isabelle Huppert, in the Valley of Love by Sam Mendes. Maybe we should just surrender to a natural aging celebrities. Cruel fate.

#4 The boredom of 3D porn

Watching porn out of boredom, porn bored. That's what has happened in Cannes, one of the most "hot" entered the competition has disappointed expectations. Despite bore the signature of Gaspar Noé, famous for his experiments sensual (and sexual). The poster of the film is representing a kiss with saliva understood that even Niagara Falls. The story of a man torn by sex and contemptuous obsessive consuming two women of different age. And think: it was 3D. The only shocking thing of the film was the calm that pervaded every scene, ok that the expectation of pleasure is itself the pleasure, but the 3D porn you can expect only great things.

#5 Heelgate

The bomb exploded at the beginning of the festival: the label obliges women to wear heels. Not all girls were in agreement, and they were driven away. Cannes is known for abiding conservatism, but the media have caught the ball to make it a matter of misogyny. In fact here we have made great strides for gender equality in the world of film, especially this year. After this fall style, Emily Blunt has ordered all to wear flat shoes. And the General Delegate of the Festival has sworn that this rule never existed.

#6 Italians out

None of Nanni Moretti, Paolo Sorrentino and Matteo Garrone received the Palme d'Or. A bleak year for Italians in competition, there is shouting to the scandal and who, as Alberto Barbera, said more modestly with "The fact remains paradoxical that French cinema, however, the best player in Europe to produce, distribute and make team , bait as big winner in the year in which he expressed his more modest results ". And with Del Toro that echoes "It is wrong to consider the films by nationality, do the differences, we have only considered what was best in what we saw." The fact remains that the jury presided by the Coen brothers have not been able to give a valid justification to the absence of any recognition. Beyond the criticism, it is the public that defines success and Sorrentino's film is getting excellent results at the box office. We'll let the story speak.