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Instagram hates the period.

Rupi Kaur fights clich�©

Instagram hates the period. Rupi Kaur fights clich�©

Rupi Kaur could be one of us, the most courageous no doubt, but one of us. She is a young poet attending university, she lived almost in anonymity until a few days ago, has instagrammed a photo project.

The theme of her work was to represent the period, no naked bodies, no vulgarity.

Post deleted.

It is because the Instagram community is not ready to represent natural physiology of women, on the other hand "is not in line that the policies adopted by the social network." Mind you, we're not talking about a violent post, pornographic or indecent. It is a spot of blood and a few other timid allusions, but now the 2015 is not ready. If it's the fault of the widespread misogyny (and hidden) or the natural fear of something unknown, we do not know. But it is evident that there is something wrong.

Rupi responded publicly to breach "Thanks for giving instagram test Instagram, with your disciplinary action, the exact reaction that my work would engage and criticize. You have deleted the photo of a woman with menstruation fully clothed, arguing that it should be against the community guidelines, when the guidelines do nothing but show that it is acceptable. The girl is fully clothed. The photo is mine. It is not attacking any group of people. It's also not spam. And just because it does not go against these guidelines, I’ll publish again. Do not apologize for not having fed the ego and pride of a misogynist society that accepts my body but not in his underwear with a small loss, when your pages are filled with countless photos / account where women (many of whom are minors) are rendered objects and treated as to be barely human. Thank you. The image is part of a photo project for my course of visual rhetoric. The entire series can be seen on rupikaur. com.

I bleed every month to help make humanity possible. My womb is the house of God, a source of life for our species ... In most ancient civilizations, this blood was considered sacred. In some still is. But a majority of people, companies and communities reject this natural process. Some are more comfortable with the sexualization of women, violence and degradation of women, but not with this. "

Instagram has not explained the reason for the gesture, but few days later (after l53,000 likes and 12,000 shares) "A member of our team accidentally removed something you posted on Instagram. This was a mistake, and we sincerely apologize for this error." We must believe it.


In this case, nothing is better than censorship to ennoble a project.

The first seed of blending revolution was planted by Rupi Kaur. Now let it grow up!