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Cool Chit Chat - Social Etiquette

Le regole per il social world

Cool Chit Chat - Social Etiquette Le regole per il social world

Social networks broke down the door that separates the real world and the web.

You haven’t decided , but the characters who live the network have sucked us. Curiosity, the need or the modern ubiquity, we have fallen into. Few rules to know how to behave.

Since Monsignor della Casa has abandoned a few centuries ago, it is now time to give the most precious golden rules for the social world . We really really really need them.


1. Boring Greetings. The incredible good fortune of not having to remember birthdays should not be underestimated , Facebook for years has replaced that brain’s slice. Now do not you just have to use that bit of fantasy to write your wishes. You can definitely do better than " happy bday+ name." Without even the punctuation, sadness made ​​happy birthday. 

2. Do not ask rt. Twitter. Here cleverness is a prerequisite. If your aim is to increase the number of followers you can not help but write intelligent and ironic tweets, mentioning the right people and use the more receptive hashtag. Never, never be reduced to ASK retweet . Because you see him and then.. what is the point ?!

3. Slutty photos. We are all aware that Facebook and Instagram leave no escape for the publication of kinky photos. The girls do it on purpose, more like the most self-esteem. At this point you omit, when you see a photo that makes the hairs count to 10 and try not to publish comments like "beautiful", "toooo nice "or" what a bitch." In this way you won’t fornicate.

4. Duckfaces. We thought it would be a passing fad, but we were wrong deeply. The duckface keep popping up in photographs of any social network. There is now no escape for facial paralysis. We have a message for you dear carriers to duck lips: know that you do not judge, mother nature gave you her full lips but I accept anyway. Let shine your 25 years of braces.

5. Thieves. It often happens that someone to share a funny video and you will stolen. Do not share this video legitimizing the owner of the discovery, but copy the url on your profile and greetings. Do not do it. So there will always be one who found it before you.

6. Games. Probably the Facebook games are addictive. Friends invite you to grow vegetables, crashing candies, tame dragons and birds launch. Every day there were to refuse requests. Instead you say you're employees: we don’t wanna play. And it's forever.

7. No friend requests to strangers. Social networks are the secret kingdom of who wants to have a girlfriend, they can just go on the hunt for new prey, crossing knowledge and photos of friends. From there it takes the friend request inappropriate, some likes and then open the chat. Pounds and pounds of embarrassment. I do not believe it is the right strategy to approach, but maybe someone has married well after such meetings. In the case: let us know.

8. Instagram filters. Take a photo, you will see modestly ugly and think that only an instagram filter can improve the situation. Transform the image, such as a visit by the surgeon. It can be an excellent strategy to get many like, but in real life it could raise expectations too. Beautiful on social and ugly in real life is becoming a way of life for many. Maybe in the long run, many more do not remember your true face, but only the Instagram mode. Epic win.

9. Public message boards. Do you want to write information to a personal friend of yours and you do it on the bulletin board. Error. Social networks have replaced the squares as a house of gossip, so it is best to reserve the news to private messages. The meddlesome in turn leave them in their own juice, will still find a way to spy.

10. After Party. There are lots of fun the other night and can not wait to get out photos of the event. The next step and tag your friends mercilessly destroyed by alcohol. Stop. Now Fb is inhabited by 3 generations, and very often from your mother and grandmother. It's not nice to become the topic of conversation of the Christmas dinner.

Be sensible , grandmother spy you.