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Cool Chit Chat - Boobs

make your boobs superstars

Cool Chit Chat - Boobs make your boobs superstars

Dear girls, it's time to talk in private, we chat about of that source of joy and pain that afflicts us since adolescence : the boobs .

The most mainstream accessory of the world and the centuries.

The mass media now there makes pass unnoticed. Showgirl who use them as a business card , and then redo them now has become a hobby .

But in every day life? The neglect. Let's face them, they are there under oversized sweaters, suffocated by extraslim shirts and t -shirt, without mercy.

Who has the biggest ones want to hide them, the others ask granny why are so small. Friends who complain of having cherries and others that may use the bra as parachutes . The world is unfair, it is certainly not new.

Let the rules that make happy all .. and everyone.

1 Fake dress. The fashion comes to meet us, clothes draped help both girls with miniboobs than those with gigaboobs , because camouflage and enhance at the same time. I mean, who looks at you will have a huge question mark about the size. Another genius is to use skirts or high-waisted pants, so close the belly and to impose the attention to the breasts.

2 Decorate your neck. Enhance the cleavage . Often we leave him defenseless, not good, it is a beautiful space that should be filled. A decoration with grace will bring back your attention there .

3 Attitude. Stand with your back straight . You will earn 10 points health and beauty. How many high-level cleavage are not being used for shyness. Do not thrown to the wind the gift that Mother Nature has given you and the Hunchback of Notre Dame to let him Cocciante.

4 Modelling. Take out the engineer in you . The tits have millions of anatomical variations, are not symmetrical. Take us by surprise, but we can solve everything with the silicone pads in your bra or bustier Marie Antoinette’s styel for enhancing them . If you have an encounter of the fourth kind perhaps before the scaffolding removed .

5 Take care. Sometimes we believe that only the face needs of creams and make-up , mistake! Hours of restoration , that not even the Sistine Chapel, are unmasked by the detachment of the makeup in the neck . Get off with the cream and the foundation also on the neckline for a more natural effect .

6 Pump it up! The work out in the gym does not have to stop at the biceps. Remember to also have some precious pectoral muscles, which can be enhanced with the exercises most infamous on the face of the earth: push-ups. A training Marines do not wish on anyone, but rather than surgery, it’s better to do more series. Then you'll thank us when you get to old age without tits at floor level .

7 Not be a bitch. Control yourself, we know that ther are girls proud of their breasts and know how to exploit their potential. Calm down, leave space  to imagination, the office is not a nightclub.

8 Collapse! For oversize friends who want to wear crew-necked sweaters or shirts closed until the last button: you can use bras super restraints , so as to reduce the mass and look more slender. And avoid to blind someone  with a botton’s explotio

9 Use the right size. Months of Intimissimi’s advertising letting us should understand : you have to choose the right size . The trunk has a different size from the cup, hooray variety. Especially with regard to sports bras that must be super hard. I think I had a mystical crisis to Decathlon. It took more than 20 minutes to measure myself with the tape measure any size, using a complicated algorithm to choose the right bra. Like a navale battle match.

10 Slepping ? Never let your guard down,  you thought that sleeping anything could happen. Deluded. Sleeping on your stomach crushes your friends by creating wrinkles as well, a disaster. So for a cleavage should be rested sleep belly up. Bah .

Now you love your boos, they too. And I'm sure will also be more willing to help in time of need.