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Twitter profile photos will soon be digital showcases for NFTs

And they will be distinguished by a frame in the form of a hexagon

Twitter profile photos will soon be digital showcases for NFTs And they will be distinguished by a frame in the form of a hexagon

Twitter yesterday unveiled a new service dedicated to NFT collectors reserved for subscribers of Twitter Blue, the app's paid service that gives its subscribers exclusive features such as editing tweets after publication. The profile images of these users, from today, will be able to become showcases for their collection of NFT, recognizable thanks to a special frame in the shape of a hexagon. Twitter Blue subscribers who also own an NFT wallet can simply select the new feature from the app's settings, accessing their authenticated wallet and choosing the image to use. By clicking on it, other users will be able to see the other NFTs in the collection of their owner who, if he ever wants to sell the NFT he uses as a profile picture, can keep the image but will lose the verification constituted by the hexagonal frame. The promotional video that accompanied the news was signed by Bobby Hundreds, co-founder of the historic streetwear brand The Hundreds and pioneer of the fashion-NFT link with the Adam Bomb Squad project that saw the brand's logo become a collection of 25,000 NFT immediately sold-out - one of the very first collections of digital artwork (if not the first) to develop from a streetwear community.

Twitter's step is important for two reasons: the first and most obvious is that one of the largest social media in the world, with 397 million users, is entering the world of non-fungible tokens and crypto art, opening who knows what roads for the future, such as the transition to online marketplaces; the second is that transforming one's profile image into a sort of "digital showcase" where to exhibit one's collection of crypto art becomes, on the contrary, a sort of social attestation for the NFT themselves, their point of contact with a wider audience than the classic circles of crypto art.The participation of Bobby Hundreds, considered an OG of the streetwear world and NFT collecting, suggests just this, an approach that wants to combine crypto-art, bro culture and streetwear through this mere charisma.  The decision probably also serves to attract a new type of audience to the Twitter Blue subscription service by connecting collectors and the Twitter platform that could therefore both become the main public and online destination of the crypto-market but also bring to the next level the profile authentication tool, so far represented by the classic and coveted blue check,  but which can now be represented by a unique digital work of art.