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5 things to do this weekend

From 26 to 28 November

5 things to do this weekend From 26 to 28 November
Diewiththemostlikes, Adoration salvation, 2021
Giovanni Motta, Where is JonnyBoy?, 2021
Nate Hill, Crop Circles, 2016
Ondrej Zunka, The windy hillside, 2021

We arrived at the end of November with the humidity swelling our hair and the sound of rain beating undeterred on the roof. The first Christmas decorations are already peeking out from the balconies as people fight to grab the last sweater on sale during Black Friday. November is almost over and the collective hysteria that heralds Christmas can be felt in the air, between train tickets at crazy prices and the anxiety of seeing relatives at Christmas Lunch (The first Christmas that I returned to Rome in advance / I was not prepared for your aunts in Florence, I Cani sing in the song Il pranzo di Santo Stefano) while they ask you about the job, about the girl who has just dumped you and you sink, full of food and regrets, into the chair of the round table in your mother's living room... But let's not think about it, for a while it is still November and the unresolved resolutions of the new year can still wait.

So here are our tips on 5 things to do in Milan this weekend:

To Eat - Risoelatte

Everything brings us back to the familiarity of an environment in which, from the formica furnishings to the mismatched crockery, everything screams 60s. In addition to the original furnishings of those years, the strong point of this intimate place are the recipes, revisited with a contemporary taste, including bread (the unobtainable "michette" baked exclusively for this small place by a historic Milan bakery) and coffee prepared with the legendary Moka Bialetti, to be sipped surrounded by some of the objects and appliances that have made the history of design, from the jukebox to the Bigrigio telephone.

Via Monfredo Camperio, 6

To Chill - Sprint @ Spazio Maiocchi

Sprint presents the ninth edition of the book fair dedicated to artists and over 100 publishers from more than 16 countries, with a full daily program of conferences in collaboration with Spazio Maiocchi and the Istitutoo Svizzero. The cultural weekend opens on Friday with the presentation of HARD COPY SOFT TOUCH - Experiences on Queer & Transfeminist Archive, with an eclectic group of entities selected for their unique approach to the theme of the Archive. On the same day, the multilingual performance Rosa & Louise - A Feminist Manifest in Dialogues by Ariane Koch and Sarina Scheidegger will be presented, followed by an engaging piano listening session by musician Omar Gabriel Delnevo. Meanwhile, the most beautiful Swiss books will be exhibited in the courtyard of the Spazio Maiocchi, nineteen titles participating in the prestigious Swiss prize.

Via Achille Maiocchi, 7

To Club - Apollo

In the evocative rooms, a ballroom complete with a gigantic mirror ball on the ceiling, a bar and a restaurant in Via Borsi and on the occasion of the seventh edition of Milan Music Week, the ROLLOVER Party will have the "Rollover Djs", Gianmaria, Coccoluto and Cristian Croce. The weekend at the Apollo offers a structured weekly program from the aperitif to late night, passing through the live shows in which the strident Milanese realities come together and mix, in the typical noisy promiscuity that characterizes the Rollover parties with its people who work in fashion, in creative agencies, navigli clerks, personalities from the music and television world, bloggers, journalists, etc.

Via Borsi, 9

To Shop - Gogol & Company 

Gogol and Company is "a place of independent culture, a social center, a place to stay". A magical and evocative place to discuss culture as well as a well-stocked library where you can buy the next readings, choosing from a catalog including independent tomes up to the more mainstream releases, or some anticipated Christmas gifts. It is possible to enter for breakfast, stay for lunch, stay until the aperitif, work comfortably sunk in a leather chair and leave when it's pitch black.

Via Savona, 101

To Discover - 2121 - Crypto Art is now @ DART

Giovanni Motta, Where is JonnyBoy?, 2021
Nate Hill, Crop Circles, 2016
Ondrej Zunka, The windy hillside, 2021
Diewiththemostlikes, Adoration salvation, 2021

DART and the Wrong Theory group present 2121 - Crypto Art is now, the first Italian exhibition on nft in the spaces of the Museo della Permanente, presented through a calendar full of events to deepen and expand the debate on nft and crypto-art and investigate the relationship between digital art and physical art in the era of the Metaverse to come. The best part is that alongside the NFT exhibition, in fact, is an exhibition of "traditional" art, dedicated to the works of artists such as Caravaggio and Guercino and present in historical private collections throughout Italy.