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5 things to do in Milan this weekend

From 12 to 15 November

5 things to do in Milan this weekend From 12 to 15 November

Winter begins and, as usual here in Milan, it does so smiling on the city. It's time to get out of the house and scour the city - you'll have to forget about the four walls of the office, right? While looking for things to do, do not forget to eat and drink, and if you happen to do some shopping that is good for the soul.

To make sure our readers don't miss a moment of fun, here is our list of 5 things to do in Milan this weekend.

To Eat – Marea

If reading the Marea menu does not convince you to go there, look at the photos of the dishes. If the photos do not convince you, just go there to eat. After all, even if we are at the gates of winter, you can not live on pumpkin and porcini mushrooms alone, sometimes a Catalan lobster won't certainly harm, on the contrary. If the excellent mariscos do not hit your sweet spot, the cocktails will . The star of the drink list is the Bonomelli Sour – but the rest of the alcoholic proposal is also completely up to par.

Via Papa Gregorio XIV, 16

To Chill – Osteria alla Concorrenza

New opening in Porta Venezia based on wine and tastings. The spirit of the restaurant is the same, albeit with some updates, of those goliardic taverns where milanese youth once gathered – sign and interiors with a vintage flavor included. Instead of the vinello of the house, however, here there is an extremely pleasant selection of wines as well as a slew of tastings to make your aperitif more poppin'.

Via Melzo, 12

To Club – Solida/Rebel Night @ Q Club

Both Friday and Saturday at Q Club are always a guarantee. The atmosphere is very funny, the music pushes and the evenings are always full of joy. Another advantage is that the club's flagship evenings go on for the entire weekend, so as to constitute a safe kindergarten for all clubbers pathologically undecided about the destination of their evening.

Via Padova, 21

To Shop – Moroni Gomma

Historic Milanese store that has existed practically since before the Second World War, Moroni Gomma sells all those products that you did not know you needed but that you will absolutely need as soon as you have seen them. From furniture to eyewear, the selection of the concept store is very varied but also very consistent – making it perfect both for finding a gift and for furnishing your home. 

Corso Garibaldi, 123

To Discover – The Edge Effect @ Marsèll Paradise Milano

The Edge Effect, is the exhibition on contemporary Italian identity on display at Marsèll from 11 to 26 November 2021, curated by Chiara Nonino, photo editor for Vogue, and Jordan Anderson, creative director and editor-at-large at nss magazine. "Edge effect" is an expression that in ecology is used to indicate a transition area where two different ecosystems meet, mix and merge with the result of an increase in biodiversity, as well as the density of organisms, a fitting metaphor to tell the reality that surrounds us and a perfect title to enclose the meaning of the exhibition.

Via Privata Rezia, 2