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Samsung's Galaxy Watch3 points straight to the heart of Gen Z

The perfect combination of classic look and smart functionality

Samsung's Galaxy Watch3 points straight to the heart of Gen Z The perfect combination of classic look and smart functionality

According to Omega's chief executive, young people's lack of interest in watches is only "a myth". A false belief disproved not only by the words of Raynald Aeschlimann, but also by the data that show how Gen Z has discovered a real passion for the world of watches. This must have been the starting point used by Samsung to create the new Galaxy Watch3, the smartwatch of the South Korean company that combines the classic design of watches with the necessary smart features in a similar tool. Unlike its competitors, the Galaxy Watch3 sports a classic style characterized by a round dial that winks at wristwatch lovers without forgetting the purely technological side.

If the world of fashion seems to constantly suggest an end to streetwear in favor of formal, Samsung has worked in advance by creating a technological accessory that would not disfigure in a formal outfit thanks to its classic lines perfectly integrated with its smart and more technological features. The perfect example is the bezel, a distinctive element of wristwatches that finds a new life here by becoming the main command of the Galaxy Watch3: it is used to scroll through the menus, but also to zoom in with the camera or to quickly respond to messages.

If Gen Z is passionate about watches, the same can't be said when it comes to smartwatches. According to Mintel research, 44% of the 16- to 24-year-old buying group are not interested in buying one. The reasons are the most diverse, but the price and design seem to be among the most mentioned. Once again, however, Samsung seems to have the answer ready, not only by presenting a product with a price range in line with the possibilities and ideas of a younger buyer, but also by presenting a product capable of detaching itself from the stylistic conformity created by competitors. Nothing new in reality, given that the South Korean company had already successfully traveled the same path with its Buds Live, thus further confirming its visionary talents when it comes to design. On the technological side, the high connectivity between devices that allows you to answer calls directly from the smartwatch also a bluetooth, but above all the high wellness component represented not only by the 120 home training programs, but also by the possibility of monitoring your own physical activity to improve it and prevent injuries. Features that are doubly useful in a historical period in which exercise at home and physical activity near the house have returned to be the masters.

So, while watch brands are doing everything to grab the younger slice of the market, with its Galaxy Watch3 Samsung promises to have the solution in your pocket (or on your wrist), offering a different product than the standard of the competition not only for design, but also for functionality, with what could be definitive as the missing link between smartwatches devoted to technology and those dedicated to sports. Will it be enough to convince a generation born at the mercy of trends?

With a 45mm dial, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is available online in Mystic Black and Mystic Silver colors.