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The new chapter of Desigual at Sónar Festival

All the events of the Spanish brand on the occasion of the Barcelona music festival

The new chapter of Desigual at Sónar Festival All the events of the Spanish brand on the occasion of the Barcelona music festival

Sónar Festival, which took place from July 18th to 20th in Barcelona, has just come to an end. The event brought together more than 105,000 attendees and saw the performances of more than 300 artists coming from 36 different countries. It was a global and multicultural event, that hasn't lost an inch of the innovation and of the quality that has characterised it for the past 26 years. 

This year, for the first time, the official partner of the event was the Spanish brand Desigual, which has just unveiled its brand new logo and image, that turned Barcelona and Sónar into a creative hub where everyone was invited to free their inner artist. There were many initiatives carried out by the brand throughout the festival. First and foremost there's the partnership with one of the most interesting and promising R&B voices of the last few years, Aleesha, who once again proved to be the artist to keep an eye one, and with whom Desigual had already collaborated on the occasion of Miami Art Basel a few months ago. Aleesha went on stage on Friday, July 19th with a Desigual total look along with two dancers, providing the audience with an energic and unforgettable performance. 

One of the main attractions of the festival was definitely Desigual space, entitled Desigual inBeta, a creative oasis intended to be a journey that you could take in your own way. Artist and body painter Claudia Sahuquillo welcomed the visitors at the entrance to Desigual inBeta with her army of body painting artists, all of whom were painted in neon colours which reacted to the UV light. Through a corridor of UV lights and mirrors, visitors were able to reach the revelation tunnel, a piece by Onionlab. After this individual experience, they arrived at the collective canvas of colour, light and sound, also designed by Barcelona-based studio Onionlab. An interactive and immersive space with light and images controlled by the movements of the visitors, which created an array of stunning colours and shapes. The piece combined a mixture of technologies including projection, lasers, cameras, motion sensing, real-time graphics, biometric sensors, immersive visuals and LED lights. Each user was given headphones at the entrance which let them play with a soundscape that could be modified through their own movements. Three times a day, visitors could also enjoy sessions of SUCO: active meditation through dance and movement to the sound of music curated by Portuguese artist Branko.

The partnership between Desigual and Sónar saw moreover the presence of special guest stars coming from the Spanish and international fashion, music and artistic scene: from Jazzelle, better known as @uglyworldwide, to Carlota Guerrero, the photographer behind Solange's latest album, from Miranda Makaroff to Lourdes Leon, and again, Sofia Malamute, Ignasi Monreal and many others. 

In every corner of Sónar, it was impossible not to notice the bum bag created by Desigual for the festival, enriched by the new logo of the brand. 

Desigual showcased once again its deeply artistic and creative soul, through a partnership with Sónar Festival meant to last a long time.