The rumours were circulating for a while, but now the news is official: from 2020 advertising will hit WhatsApp.

The announcement came during the Facebook Marketing Summit held these days in the Netherlands where the plans to monetize the app were confirmed, a strategy that is part of Mark Zuckerberg's project to unify Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram in a single platform. The ads will be placed in the status, will appear in full screen and instead of the contact name they will bear the name of the company. By scrolling upwards you will be able to reach the page of the sponsored product. If you are not interested, they will disappear after a few seconds of viewing. Not including, for the moment, the placement of banners between chats in the list of conversations. 

Other new features that will be introduced to renew and enhance the functionality of WhatsApp include encryption exchange software, a digital payment system, and WhatsApp Business. Users of this version of the platform will soon be able to benefit from message formats with images or PDFs that accompany messages with a small preview.