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Jessica Forever

The new heroine who will save us from hate and violence

Jessica Forever The new heroine who will save us from hate and violence

After winning the Golden Bear for short film at the Berlinale 2014 with Tant qu'il nous reste des fusils à pomp, Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel make their debut in the world of feature films. The work, entitled Jessica Forever, is an ambitious project halfway between drama and science fiction, made even more special and lysergic by cinematography characterised by saturated colours, almost hyper-realistic. There is no real plot, the story revolves around the mysterious figure of Jessica, a character who, as the directors have unveiled, is inspired by several heroines including Arwen (Lord of the Rings), Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V), Pocahontas, Buffy, Casca (Berserk) and Ciri (The Witcher 3).

Witch, goddess, warrior, sister, pacifist, mother, superheroine, angel descended from heaven. Jessica is all of this and much more. She is the only hope of a group of lost boys, a small community of the many orphans who, in a dystopian future dominated by extreme and uncontrollable violence, populate the Earth, hunted down and killed by special robot forces. Only Jessica can feel the sadness, the pain and free them from anger and homicidal instincts, giving peace, love to a desperate generation. This mysterious woman who has the beautiful face of the Swiss actress Aomi Muyock (formerly the protagonist of Love by Gaspard Noè) and her strange family spends days trying to survive, including military training, loves, friendship and obscure external threats that want to break their balance and the hope of a better future. 

In the cast, in addition to Muyock there are also Sebastian Urzendowsky, Lukas Ionesco, Paul Hamy, Eddy Suiveng and Franck Falise.