The "big" secret has finally been unveiled: Game of Thrones 8 will start on Sunday, April 14th. HBO has announced it officially (which will broadcast the series in the States, while in Italy we could see it simultaneously on Sky Atlantic), appeasing, at least in part, the curiosity of millions of fans eager to know what the final season will reserve for the noble families years have been fighting for the rule of the Seven Kingdoms. Yeah, because the rumors about the epilogue of the saga from the books of George R. R. Martin are very few. For now everything is shrouded in mystery, except that the season that is about to begin will consist of six episodes of 90 minutes each and that, to divert the hackers, have been shot several possible finals (HERE to know all the details about the last season). Also on the Reddit platform, the director David Nutter had anticipated that the first episode would be a sort of prologue and would solve some sub-plots developed over the years. Not enough for you? Then watch the new teaser-video all centered on the Stark siblings released by HBO simultaneously with the announcement of the premiere on April 14th. In the images Arya, Sansa and Jon Snow are in the crypt of the Great Winter, their castle, in front of the statues of their deceased ancestors and a small detail suggests that Jon will discover his true identity, but, perhaps, will remain loyal to the Starks. Will it be true? Now it is not long to find out.