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Top 5: Coolest Christmas Holidays commercials

Waiting for December 25, we review the most interesting commercials of recent years

Top 5: Coolest Christmas Holidays commercials Waiting for December 25, we review the most interesting commercials of recent years

 "The emotions of people are taken to the extreme over Christmas and social media campaign can leverage these emotions to persuade the action. It is enough to refer to common experiences that everyone has lived and it will be the spirit of sharing that will convince customers to spend”.

It is this, according to when he revealed an expert to The Guardian, the general rule followed by the commercials during the period that leads to 25 December, but sometimes, despite this sort of diktat, sprout among the many proposals of interesting projects. Nss has found among the advertisements of the last years, 5 small gems, different from each other, but always cool. There is the perfect video for every taste, from lovers of stories of fear to those looking for a sweet and joyful atmosphere. 

Apple "Share your gifts" (2018)

If there is a merit that must be recognized to Apple, it is always to create beautiful spots, especially during the Christmas period. And this year is no exception. After the evocative proposal of 2017 with two strangers who danced on the notes of Sam Smith's Palace, for 2018 the Cupertino company opts for a short animated film made with a mixture of CGI images and scale models of real sets. In 3 minutes, while in the background the voice of Billie Eilish that sings Come out and play goes, we are kidnapped by the delicate story of a shy and talented girl who spends her free moments creating lyrics to her MacBook, without having the courage to show them to someone, as long as one day, accomplices her dog and a gust of wind, ... The short film ends with a happy ending and the slogan "Share Your Gift" ("share your gifts"), a way to emphasize how Apple products allow you to share your creativity quickly and easily with others.

JetBlue "Go Get Gifted" (2018)

JetBlue relies on the MullenLowe agency to celebrate the holidays and, at the same time, launch a competition. The airline will turn the five winners literally into gifts, making them fly home to surprise their loved ones. The commercials of the campaign rework this idea in an ironic and effective way. In the first, a mummified-with-gift wrap guy, knocks with his head to his mother's door; in another the strange protagonist steals the contents of the packages under the tree; while in the last all the family is sitting at the table for the Christmas Eve dinner, at a certain point the sister of the gift asks her mother if this year they can open the presents earlier than usual, but the woman, inflexible, says no ... due respect to the packed son.

Anomaly and Unreasonable Studios "O human being" (2018)

"Dearest Sarah, if you're reading this, I'm dead." This is the incipit of the last Christmas animation short film presented by Anomaly and Unreasonable Studios. After Dear Satan in 2017 and The 12 Days of Christmas in 2016, this time the award-winning creative agency offers us the story of Peter. In the six-minute spotted blood of the video, featuring the voice of the stage actor Richard E. Grant, we find that Peter was kidnapped, tortured, planted in a pot in the corner of their living room and decorated with fairy lights from a family of Christmas trees. Fear, right?

HotelTonight "Visit, Do not Stay" (2016)

Who of us does not have at least a fool in their family? HotelTonight knows that we all hide among our relatives an uncle who believes he is Mago Otelma, a Fabrizio Corona styled cousin or a grandmother who remembers for look and "respect for privacy" the Nanny’s mum Sylvia. So, with the cry of "Visit, Do not Stay", he based on this common "disgrace" an entire advertising campaign.

H&M “Come Together” (2016)

Surely the spot with the Christmas spirit most outstanding among all those in our top 5. Wes Anderson directs for H&M a little gem. A train, led by Adrien Brody, travels during the Christmas night but remains stuck in the middle due to the snow. Do not panic. However, passengers find a way to celebrate.